Adams Idea Tech V4 Vs A12OS

Adams Idea is a very popular line of hybrid clubs. These hybrid clubs combine the characteristics of wood clubs and irons. In general, a hybrid club can provide both the handling of an iron and the power of a fairway wood. Hybrid clubs are widely loved by many golfers across the skill ranges because they are very versatile; they can be used from the rough or off a tee. Two popular hybrid clubs from the Adams Idea line are Adams Idea Tech V4 and Adams Idea A12OS. So, which is the hybrid that you should pick? Before you make your choice, make sure that you know the differences between Adams Idea Tech V4 and Adams Idea A12OS by continue reading below!

Adams Idea Tech V4 vs A12OS

Adams Idea Tech V4 is one of the latest addition to the line, classified as game improvement clubs. It features tungsten weights in the heel and toe that contribute in delivering higher-launching shots and improved forgiveness. Adams Idea Tech V4 also features a Velocity Slot on the crown and sole that enhances the trampoline effect, a spring-like effect across the whole face that adds more solid feel, forgiveness, and launch angle without increasing spin. Compared to the other models, Adams Idea Tech V4 has the most advanced Velocity Slot and is the most lightweight.

On the other hand, Adams Idea A12OS is a little bit older. It was the first one that utilizes the Velocity Slot technology. In addition, Adams Idea A12OS also features the Truss Back design, which allows more weight to be distributed across the perimeter of the club. It has a lowered center-of-gravity and an ultra-thin face to deliver increased distance.

In general, we can say that both products are great. But they have different characteristics that are geared for different types of players. So, depending on your needs and preferences, you may prefer one over the other.

Adams Idea Tech V4 is very light. It can feel a little bit dead to some players, but, if you manage to hit it solid, you can make the ball go a really long way. It is more suitable for smoother swingers, and it is relatively more difficult to hit than Adams Idea A12OS.

On the other hand, Adams Idea 12AOS is a little bit wider. It produces a low to medium flight with just moderate spin. It is most suitable for high handicap players who need some help in getting the ball in the air. It can also suit the more aggressive swingers.

- Adams Idea Tech V4 Forged
- Shaft Flex: Uniflex
- Shaft Material: Graphite
- The newest generation of the Idea family
- For the first time in a hybrid club
- The Idea a12 OS set also includes redesigned Transitional

Adams Idea Tech V4 Vs A12OS
If you are a smooth swinger and you want to get the most distance, Adams Idea Tech V4 should be your choice. However, aggressive swingers, as well as high handicap players, will benefit more from Adams Idea A12OS, which greatly helps in getting the ball in the air.

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