Bridgestone E6 Vs E7

The feel is the main reason of why many golf players don’t mind paying some bucks per ball instead of using mid-level balls. Now, choosing the right golf ball can be very tricky, especially since every golf ball manufacturer claims each of their products to be the softest and longest. Nevertheless, while the previous models are just decent, Bridgestone E-series now comes with much better designs. These golf balls are now coming with exceptional qualities. In case that you are confused in choosing between the available models, we are going to discuss the differences and comparisons between Bridgestone E6 and Bridgestone E7 below.


Both Bridgestone E6 and Bridgestone E7 come with the same three-piece construction, featuring a hard surlyn cover and the new 326 web dimple pattern. Even so, they have been designed quite differently from each other. Bridgestone E7 has higher overall compression than Bridgestone E6, making it closer to the HX Hot. These two golf balls have indeed been designed for different aims. Bridgestone E6 has been designed to promote for straight flight, which is excellent if you often find your hits going too far to the right or left. On the other hand, Bridgestone E7 is made for low flight. It is a great choice if your hits are often flying too high, as it is able to compensate.

This is another major difference between these two golf balls. Due to the lower compression, Bridgestone E6 is much, much softer than Bridgestone E7. It comes with the lowest-pitched sound off the putter and the wedge, nearly feels dead when hit. On the other hand, Bridgestone E7 is much harder. It has the highest-pitched sound upon impact, enhancing the firm and solid feel.

These two balls also have relatively different spin levels. Bridgestone E7 spins less than Bridgestone E6. In fact, Bridgestone E7 has the lowest spin rate in the Bridgestone E-series family. On the other hand, Bridgestone E6 has more spin rate. It indeed spins more than Bridgestone E7. Nevertheless, the difference is spin rate is not very huge. Bridgestone E6 does not always guarantee that every swing will go straight down the middle, though, it is indeed sizably straighter than the other balls in the family.

- NEW 326 Web Dimple Pattern
- Softest Multi-Layer Ball in the Market
- 3-Piece Ionomer Cover Construction
- NEW 326 Web Dimple Pattern
- Speed Enhancing Construction for Increased Distance
- 3-Piece Ionomer Cover for Enhanced Durability

Bridgestone E6 Vs E7
Since the difference in spin rate is not a very significant one, the feel and trajectory become the biggest factors that you need to consider in choosing between Bridgestone E6 and Bridgestone E7. If you prefer a softer ball with slightly higher flight, Bridgestone E6 is the choice. If you prefer a hard and solid ball with low flight, Bridgestone E7 is the way to go.

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