Bridgestone E6 VS E7


Bridgestone e6 vs e7: Golf Ball Review & Comparison

Bridgestone is an extremely famous golf brand name that lots of people understand about. It does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner, at some stage, you have used one of their balls and there are not many adverse things you can claim concerning this brand name.

The E6 as well as the E7 might be available in the very same collection yet they both have different as well as distinct characteristics. It is essential that you understand the abilities of each ball prior to you go out as well as get the ball that will certainly much better your end game. We will certainly compare the greenside control, distance, toughness, pros, disadvantages, and price.

The Bridgestone E6 Review


  • Advance Mantle Layer

When using your driver or long iron shots, the mantle of the ball counteracts the spin placed on the ball. This suggests that you are going to get a straighter ball flight when you strike. The developers of this ball believe that the mantle layer is a crucial part of the individuality of this ball. There is an absence of backspin on the ball which will enable it to fly even more and faster than other balls.

  • Low spin, high range

The E6 is the most affordable driver spin ball that is produced by Bridgestone. People who have a modest swing speed typically battle it difficult to resist a side swing. This ball will benefit you because of the greater height in the launch of the ball in addition to the lower spin price. In general, this ball will certainly be impressive for people who have a side swing.

  • Straight range!

I could not stress this reality much more. The ball has been designed to give you a straighter game which indicates it is mosting likely to enhance your general video game.


  • The biggest disadvantage with the E6 is that although it is a costs ball, it is still behind the excursion or the advanced efficiency golf balls that the best gamers choose to have fun with. Having claimed that, if you are not intending on going professional with your golf, then this ball is excellent for you.

Allows Review the essential features

This ball is made for individuals that have a swing speed between 80-95mph

If you are looking for a ball that has a softer high-end feel, after that this is the ball for you! This ball will allow you to focus on hitting the ball right without having to compromise the soft feeling of the total ball.

As an included benefit, this ball is a 3 item ball which makes all the distinction in your overall golf video game. E6 has actually been developed to fly as straight as possible which behaves because it will certainly minimize the chances of hooks as well as big pieces.

The soft cover sees to it that there is still some feel when you are using the green in addition to when you Tee off.

The Bridgestone E7 Review


  • Increases your range with each club

The primary pro of this ball is that it is designed to provide you maximum distance that you are capable of. Most of us enjoy range and also this ball assures to take you better down the fairway.

  • The mantle

Similar to the E6, the E7 likewise has a mantle that will certainly minimize the spin on the ball when you Tee off.

  • Speed improving core

The core of the E7 has a rate improving larger core. This indicates that the core of the ball is developed to provide you more range by boosting the rate of the ball when you Tee off.


  • Spin efficiency

The spin efficiency of the E7 on the green is not tour degree. The spin is also not flexible and also you can in some cases feel like you have a lack of control when utilizing this ball on the green and also occasionally also the fairway.

Let’s evaluate the vital functions

The ball is developed for golfers that have a swing rate listed below 98mph

This ball is finest fit for those golf players that wish to hit the golf ball as long as feasible with the swing that they presently have. The wonderful thing about this ball is that it introduces off the club face with little spin but at a slightly lower launch angle.

This will certainly enable you to optimize your run yards. If you are the sort of golf enthusiast who does incline hitting a more challenging sensation ball, then this is the ball for you!

Bridgestone E6 vs E7


The great thing about the E collection is the truth that they are pretty much the very same price variety. This implies that you do not need to cost a fortune shopping yourself brand-new golf balls. They are extra expensive than the bargain-basement designs but they are a lot less expensive than the PGA Tour-caliber golf balls.

Distance contrast

If you are seeking range, then the E7 is the far better alternative for you nonetheless, the E6 is made for a straighter shot. This means that the E6 is more flexible if you have a side swing. Range is just excellent if you can land the ball on the fairway or green and not in the rough.

Feeling and also greenside control

The E6 mantle as well as cover work well together to produce an incredible technique and also greenside performance. It additionally has a very soft feel.

The E7 provides a little bit less rotate on the green nonetheless, it additionally has less control in the brief game. The ball responds far better when asked to bounce as well as roll as opposed to check and also stop. It has a harder really feel to it because of the way that the ball is created.


The resilience on both these balls is very good however, the sturdiness of the Bridgestone E6 is even worse than the E7.


Bridgestone e6 vs e7: And the victor is …

As you can see both balls in the E collection have a lot more pros than cons to them. The truth of the matter is, they are both excellent balls that are advised nearly 100% of the moment.

Everything boils down to your very own choices and also what you want to accomplish during your video game. If you desire a straight, softer hit after that you need to pick the Bridgestone E6.


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