Bridgestone E6 Vs Srixon Q Star

Choosing the right golf ball can help improve your score. Golf ball has now paced with advances in technology. Golf ball manufacturers has now utilize technology to meet the USGA regulations to meet the needs of players at all skill levels. Manufacturers Bridgestone and Srixon also does not compete in producing golf ball with high quality so that a golfer can play golf with convenient either for beginners as well as professionals. In terms of type, a type that is sometimes compared to IE the Bridgestone E6 and its competitors Srixon Q Star. The who against who? For a decision or simply curious, this article got everything for you!

bridgestone e6 vs srixon q star

Bridgestone E6
While you are reading this, Bridgestone E6 vs B330 RX can be not to notice by you too. Bridgestone E6 is a great off the tee with improved feel and performance in the short game ball and the feel is firmer throughout the bag. The speed that produced in E6 is slightly lower spin, but not too much. The spin gap is about between a shot taking two hops and stopping versus one hop, while the higher handicap players is much more concerned about making consistent contact with the short shots than a ball. For the chipping and putting, the balls rolled a little better and smooth because of the sleek materials on the roll. It proved to be a fantastic experience. If you are a lover of a firmer ball that provides more feedback off the club face, choose the Bridgestone E6 Speed.

Srixon Q-Star
Srixon Q-Star contains to generate 20% more friction on shots, also the materials on its tour-level Z-STAR models. The sound and feel can you get after a few shots, it is as soft as most multi-layer balls and softer than many. And the sound is pleasantly muted but not too squishy. It produced high but displayed a stable and penetrating flight and it fits around doglegs. It has iron shots from a variety of yardages showed medium trajectory and good controllability, with just the right amount of spin. Overall, Q-star is not only feeling great on chips and pitches, it also delivers honest to goodness spin and control from tight lies and light rough. This earns high scores in every performance category and also pays to fix what ain’t broken.

- NEW 326 Web Dimple Pattern
- Softest Multi-Layer Ball in the Market
- 3-Piece Ionomer Cover Construction
- Urethane cover
- Improved energetic Gradient growth core
- 324 advanced aerodynamic dimple pattern

Both of Bridgestone e6 vs Srixon Q-Star are the same off the tee and with long irons, but the Q-Star excels (comparatively) around the greens and with short iron/wedge shots which is the specialization of it. We can say that the E6 is a great ball if you want to hit it straight but its not going to give you a lot of backspin.

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