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Bushnell Hybrid Laser Review: GPS and Laser Rangefinders Combined

If you are a serious golf player, most probably, you are planning to arm yourself with both a laser rangefinder and a GPS rangefinder. People love laser rangefinders because of the straightforward usage and great performance, while GPS rangefinders are the way to proceed if you want to familiarize yourself with a course. However, why should you bother yourself with two separate tools if you can get all the functionalities from a single device? Bushnell Hybrid Laser stands out from other models on the market by combining and fitting the features of GPS and laser rangefinders into one convenient piece of hardware! (Read also: Leupold GX1 Vs Bushnell Tour V2)

Bushnell Hybrid Laser Review - GPS and Laser Rangefinders Combined

Coming complete with the vital equipment that you will need for a convenient usage (strap, carrying case, USB charger & cable), Bushnell Hybrid Laser is a unique hybrid of laser rangefinders and GPS rangefinders. Its design pretty much resembles a common one-handed laser rangefinder, except that the left surface is armed with an LCD screen and buttons. You can utilize it just like a regular laser rangefinder. It has a maximum measurement range of 1,000 yards, which is excellent. Coupled with a respectable magnification of up to five times, Bushnell Hybrid Laser can give you the edge that you need for analyzing further objects and hazards. Even, Bushnell Hybrid Laser is also armed with the PinSeeker technology, allowing for easy and accurate acquisition of the distance to the flag. The maximum distance to the flag is 300 yards. Bushnell Hybrid Laser is certainly a good golf companion, as the plus-minus 1-yard accuracy is very reliable.

Meanwhile, Bushnell Hybrid Laser also offers you various GPS functionalities. It is pre-loaded with 30,000 international courses from US, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, and South Africa. One nice thing is that it requires neither downloads nor membership fees to function fully! The GPS has Auto Course Recognition and Auto Hole Adance for convenient usage, and will provide you yardages to the front, center, and back of the green.

While Bushnell Hybrid Laser is very packed with features, unfortunately, it is not very rugged – in a sense that it is not waterproof. Though the grip surfaces are pleasantly textured for solid and firm handling, the GPS part seems to be prone to bad weathers. It can endure some wetness from your sweat, but not so much against real water splashes. Hence, keep in mind to put it away from the rain.

Pros of Bushnell Hybrid Laser
– Unique and innovative design, combining GPS and laser rangefinders into one
– Excellent performance with extensive measurement range and good accuracy
– Compact and portable
– Legal for tournaments

Cons of Bushnell Hybrid Laser
– Not waterproof

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