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Bushnell Medalist Vs Tour V2

While we have compared Bushnell Tour V3 to Leupold PinCaddie in a prior article, some people may want to look for more affordable choices. Bushnell Medalist and Bushnell Tour V2 can be viable options here. Though they are a little bit older, they are still very popular on the market, and they also offer exceptional performance and functionality. If you want to know if you should choose Bushnell Medalist or Bushnell Tour V2, then you have come to the right place! Below, you can read thorough comparisons between the two products. Hopefully, you will be able to determine which model that will suit you best after reading the article.

Bushnell Medalist Vs Tour V2

Both models have the same maximum measurement distance of 1,000 yards. However, Bushnell Tour V2 has a little bit longer locking range to the flag than Bushnell Medalist. It can lock onto the flag from 300 yards away, while Bushnell Medalist requires you to be a little bit closer, 250 yards away. Both models are armed with the PinSeeker technology for automatic detection and locking to the flag. The accuracy of the two models is similar, within plus-or-minus 1 yard. Some users have stated, however, that Bushnell Medalist can lock to the flag somewhat easier and quicker than Bushnell Tour V2. This is because of the design.

Bushnell Medalist and Bushnell Tour V2 have quite different designs. Bushnell Medalist has a bipolar-like model, best being used with two hands. With such configuration, Bushnell Medalist has more stability in usage. Thus, Bushnell Medalist can also lock onto targets easier and quicker. On the other hand, Bushnell Tour V2 is more compact. It is designed to be used with one hand. Thus, it can be handier and more practical, but slightly less stable than Bushnell Medalist.

Both models are designed to be weatherproof. Both are reasonably durable. Both also have the scan mode for sweeping through the landscape while getting a real-time update of the distances. Nevertheless, Bushnell Tour V2 has a better zooming feature as it can provide a magnification up to 5 times. Bushnell medalist can only do a maximum magnification of 4 times. Their display screens are pleasantly clear and bright enough for convenient reading.

- 1,000 Yard Range, Rainproof
- 4X Magnification, Includes 9V Battery & Case
- Laser rangefinder with built-in PinSeeker technology for determining golf ranges
- Calculates distance to pin or objects on the course within plus-or-minus 1 meter
- Easy-to-read, in-view LCD display shows range in your choice of yards or meters
- Ultra-compact rangefinder for golfers with flag range up to 300 yards
- Pinseeker target mode acquires flag without inadvertently capturing background targets
- SCAN mode provides continuously updated LCD display as you pan across landscape
- 5x magnification, 24mm objective lens, powered by CR-2 3-Volt Lithium Battery
- Legal for use in tournament play

Bushnell Medalist Vs Tour V2
Overall, in general, Bushnell Tour V2 makes the best choice here for your money because it has more extensive features and a longer locking distance. But, if you prefer a two-handed device, Bushnell Medalist will not disappoint you at all!

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