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Bushnell Pro 1M Vs Bushnell Tour Z6

It is stated that more than 90% of golf players choose Bushnell as their best friends. People believe that it is one of the best golf laser rangefinders. This American company which is founded at 1948 in Japan has been a leader in sport optic categories since 1955 and pioneered as the golf laser rangefinder since 1995.

Bushnell Pro 1M Vs Bushnell Tour Z6

We may know that one of its products is Bushnell Pro 1M. Basically, it is the improvement of Bushnell Pro 1600 as the previous product. There are two types of this product purposing for slope condition and tournament edition. We are reviewing the second type here. As written in the specification, Bushnell Pro 1M use Vivid Display Technology (VDT) with the infrared energy for all lighting conditions. It means that the black display is replaced by a bright or red display. This technology helps the user to get the better result by improving light transmission which provides extra brightness. And besides, the technology improves the resolution which provides a sharp and clear view. The device has the feature of PinSeeker Technology to ignore the surrounding objects except the flag. The range capability is up to one mile or similar with 550 yards to the flag with 7-times magnification and ± 1-yard accuracy.

The other well-known product from Bushnell is Bushnell Tour Z6. It is also the replacement of the previous product namely Bushnell Tour V2. This device also uses VDT and PinSeeker Technology to make the result faster and more accurate. As explained before, the technology will increase the contrast, clarity, and light transmission. It offers the clear display and easy to read with a slight tint to reduce the glare. The more precise result is supported by PinSeeker which locks on the target by ignoring its background. It works for all objects, not just the flagsticks. However, Bushnell Tour Z6 can acquire flags up to 450 yards with 6-times magnification and ± 0.5-yard accuracy. We can see a quite small difference in this aspect although this will not too influential in giving the distance result. Related versus: Bushnell Tour V3 Vs Z6.

- Hardware error stated in product reviews has been fixed beginning 7/1/2015.
- 5-Yard to 1-Mile Ranging Performance; 550 Plus -Yard to Flag
- Powerful 7X Magnification and Premium Lens Coatings provide Superb Optical Quality
- PinSeeker Technology zeros in on flag
- Lightning Fast Measurements & Incredible Plus or Minus 1 Yard Accuracy; PowerBoost provides 35 Percent additional acquisitions
- 6X magnification; 5-1300-Yard; Ranging Performance 450 Plus Yard to Flag
- Two-year warranty; 3-Volt battery and premium carry case included
- Vivid Display Technology optical enhancement dramatically improves contrast, clarity and light transmission
- PinSeeker Technology zeros in on flag
- Premium Lens Coatings Provide Superb Optical Quality; Waterproof (IPX7) & RainGuard HD Lens Coating

Bushnell Pro 1M Vs Bushnell Tour Z6
For the battery, both products are paired with the 3-volt battery and included by premium carry case. We do not have to be afraid of the wet condition because the products are made of rainguard coating and waterproof construction. It is covered by 2-years limited warranty of the broken components. Considering the price, Bushnell Pro 1M is less expensive than Bushnell Tour Z6 due to a complete feature in the range measurement and magnification. The final choice is finally in your hand.

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