Bushnell Pro 1M VS Bushnell Tour Z6

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Bushnell Pro 1M


When Bushnell announced the 2012 line-up, the Pro 1M certainly captured my interest.
Does the Pro 1M have the classically fantastic Bushnell attributes while additionally addressing my issues with the 1600 Pro? Could the Bushnell Pro 1M be the laser rangefinder of the 2012 period?


The Bushnell 1600 Pro had a terrific feeling in the hands, however was in general a little bit large and also cumbersome on the program. I am extremely delighted with the brand-new, a lot more compact style of the Bushnell Pro 1M. Like its 1600 Pro precursor, the exterior of the Pro 1M is multi-material in make-up as well as is made use of in straight orientation. I discovered the Pro 1M a little a lot more small feeling than the Pro 1600, fitting snuggly in my hands. You will certainly locate ugly as well as comfortable rubber where your fingers interact with the system, once more promoting ergonomic use.

While the 1600 Pro had a professional looking, yet rather utilitarian, grey, black, and silver color design, the Pro 1M sports a bolder black and white designing. The “trigger” button for the laser is also now bright red, which adds to the aesthetic appeals, yet additionally aids you to discover it quickly. I think that the device is significantly much more attractive than the 1600 Pro. Although the Pro 1M is still larger than a number of the vertical-firing lasers available, it certainly has the design and looks to compete with any other laser in the industry.


Here are the Bushnell Pro 1M Specs:.

  • Tour Certified.
  • PinSeeker Technology to zero in on the flag.
    -+/- 1 backyard accuracy.
  • 5 yards-1 mile varying performance (550+ yards to a flag).
  • Vivid Display Technology (VDT) for all illumination conditions.
  • 7x Magnification (items show up 7x closer).
  • PowerBoost ™ for 35% even more Acquisitions.
  • Posi-Thread ™ Battery Door.
  • Waterproof construction.
  • RainGuard HD lens finishing.
  • 3-Volt Battery and Premium Carry Case are also consisted of.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

Among the important things that I loved concerning the 1600 Pro was that it really felt tough as well as very water-proof. I had appointments concerning taking a pricey and possibly delicate piece of electronics out on the wet course. While it is even more of a knockout than the 1600 Pro, the Pro 1M keeps the rugged pedigree from its predecessor. Don’t flip out if you drop it in the damp turf, it’ll make it through. It feels like it could even make it via a parking lot “oops” or 2. You recognize those laptops that they use on construction websites? That is what the Pro 1M reminds me of. Excellent survivability. Should you have an “mishap”, the Bushnell Pro 1M does have a two-year service warranty.


The Bushnell Pro 1M keeps to the common laser procedure scheme. Button to activate, and afterwards push once again to target the flag. Very simple. Pinseeker ™ innovation allows you to grab the flag, also when other items exist in the targeting area. Want to know distances of several targets, simply hold the switch and scan about. Obtain your number( s) and after that put it back in case. The Pro 1M can care for that whole “shutting off” thing for you.


The Bushnell Pro 1M is a quick laser rangefinder. Powers up quickly then finds the target distance virtually instantaneously. I did not ever feel any type of sort of lag with the unit as well as the Pinseeker ™ innovation just works. Like the 1600 Pro, the optics of the Pro 1M are amazingly clear, supplying no photo distortion despite having the 7x magnifying. Accuracy to a lawn from 550 backyards out appears to function fairly well for my existing golf video game. If you require something more accurate than that, you may intend to ascertain how much you are really hitting the ball …

Up to this point, you might be thinking that the Bushnell Pro 1M is just the Pro 1600 with a new chassis. If that held true, the Pro 1M would certainly still be an excellent system as was the 1600 Pro prior to it. However, the Pro 1M likewise includes Bushnell’s new Vivid Display Technology (VDT). Alike talk, VDT represents a replacement of the conventional black display screen in the system with a brilliant reddish-orange one. The word “vivid” is definitely deserved. Under all light problems that I had fun with the unit, the VDT display was superb. You also have the capacity to adjust the illumination of the screen to one of four settings via the MODE feature. It was nearly impossible to get a focused picture with the unit, yet this must provide you a sensation for the new display screen. * NOTE– the screen is much brighter than displayed in the picture.

One of my play gripes with the 1600 was the horizontal, two-handed operation on the course. With the 1600 Pro, I kept knocking off my hat every time I brought the unit as much as my eye. I really did not experience any one of this frustration with the Bushnell Pro 1M. It is still a straight as well as reasonably two-handed device, yet it does appear to “fit” better. I recognize as I create this that it is possible that the 1600 Pro and the Pro 1M really have the same total dimensions, as I really did not measure them. Nevertheless, whether it is physical or emotional, the Pro 1M appears more small than the 1600 Pro and also is certainly extra pleasant to utilize on the program.

The Bushnell Pro 1M likewise comes with the fantastic lugging instance, a welcome Bushnell requirement. The situation clips to the bag/cart, as well as gathers both magnetic and also zipper closures. While I have yet to locate a need for it, the Pro 1M likewise includes an accessory place at under. The proprietor’s manual does mention something called a 360R-Retractor that “affixes the rangefinder to your golf bag for easy accessibility while strolling the course”. Maybe that’s like among those retractable crucial chains that custodians have. That would be cool with a laser. I might need to check this out …


The event edition Bushnell Pro 1M lists for $499 with the incline version can be found in at $599. This definitely positions the Pro 1M at the top of the laser rangefinder scale. While I would otherwise identify the unit as perfect, I am uncertain regarding the prices. The competition variation of Bushnell’s Tour Z6 listings for $399. Simply from taking a look at the specs, I am not totally certain why the Pro 1M prices $100 more than the Tour E6. Never ever stress though; the Tour E6 is presently in for testing. I’ll definitely discover this c-note inconsistency.


The Bushnell Pro 1M starts the 2012 laser rangefinder examines with a lead-off homerun. Out side of a rates inquiry, I truly can not come up with a mistake in this device. Also the straight operation that I didn’t like in the 1600 Pro is rather very easy as well as workable in the Pro 1M. Various other lasers better look out. The Bushnell Pro 1M has set the 2012 bar extremely high!



The 2012 Bushnell Pro 1M, led off the competition with a solid rating of 98/100. I don’t know about you, however I really do not such as stepping up to the tee right after my playing partner has piped the drive of his life. Probably the Bushnell Tour Z6 is an item that thrives on competition. The ball is on the tee for you Mr. Tour Z6, swing away!


The Bushnell Tour Z6 proceeds the appealing color design on its Pro 1M loved one. The body is a mix of white and also black, with red accents in crucial placements. Most of the Tour Z6’s body is a comfy rubber product. Bushnell defines the body as “rubber armored metal real estate”. The rubbery make-up promotes a good user interface with your completely dry or sweaty golf hand. No slip moving away for this little device. It really feels really tough in building.

I assume that words “little” in the previous sentence talks to the feature that truly establishes the Bushnell Tour Z6 besides the other laser rangefinders. This is a small device. Maybe “compact” is a better advertising and marketing term, but I assumed that it did really feel a little bit little in my average sized paw. For purpose of scale, I put on a cadet M/L glove. The Tour Z6’s general dimensions were just a bit off for my hand. To be clear, the feeling was not uneasy at all, however both of the other lasers in this collection just have far better ergonomic feeling when contrasted to the Tour Z6.



  • Tour Certified
  • PinSeeker Technology to zero in on the flag
  • Up to 1/2 yard precision
  • 5 yards-1,300 backyards varying performance (450+ lawns to a flag).
  • Vivid Display Technology (VDT) for all lights conditions.
  • E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Accuracy.).
  • 6x Magnification (objects show up 6x more detailed).
  • Premium lens coatings for fantastic optical top quality.
  • Adjustable diopter setting.
  • Rubber armored metal housing.
  • Posi-Thread ™ Battery Door.
  • Waterproof (IPX7) and RainGuard HD lens covering.
  • 3-Volt Battery and Premium Carry Case are likewise consisted of.
  • 2 Year Warranty.


All 3 of the lasers, consisting of the Bushnell Tour Z6, are very easy to operate. The one button procedure of the Tour Z6 functions specifically like the various other lasers. I like exactly how the setting button on the Tour Z6 is “hidden” on the side of the unit. Look very closely at the Bushnell logo design if you are having problem locating the switch.


The Bushnell Tour Z6 is a fast shooting unit. It turns on, lasers target, and also records range at, well …, the speed of light. With the testing of these 3 devices this summer, I truly assume that the laser rangefinder technology in general has actually boosted past the “wait on information” stage. I discovered this a bit in 2015 when comparing the 2011 lasers to the previous versions. The 2011’s were just much faster. With the 2012 lasers, we have gotten to the factor where there is no actual requirement to raise speed. The Tour Z6 offers the golf enthusiast all the rate that he or she can take care of.

Among the fascinating things about the Tour Z6 is that Bushnell had the ability to create into it the same Vivid Display Technology (VDT) and Extreme. Speed. Accuracy. (E.S.P.) elements present in the much larger Pro 1M system. The Pro 1M does provide you one more “x” in magnification (7x vs. 6x), but also for me, that distinction in magnifying was not actually considerable. I found the 6x magnifying present in the Tour Z6 enough to paint any target on the golf links. The Pinseeker technology certainly works as marketed, and the orange-ish VTD display screen graphics as well as reticule are simple to see under all light conditions that I encountered on the course. The guts in the Tour Z6 are solid.


The Bushnell Tour Z6 laser rangefinder lists for $399, yet you can find it for a bit less at here. For a laser rangefinder with the functions and also performance of the Bushnell Tour Z6, I assume that this rate is affordable, but not quite perfect. This rate puts the Tour Z6 above the Callaway RAZR, yet below the Bushnell Pro 1M. For me and my hand dimension, I would invest a little bit much more to go with the larger Bushnell Pro 1M system, or a little much less as well as go with the Callaway RAZR.


One of the important things that I have actually gained from assessing these 3 rangefinders this summer is that it is a good time to be in the marketplace for a laser. All 3 of the units evaluated are superb devices. I seem like I am comparing BMW’s, Mercedes Benz’s, as well as Jaguar’s. All are superb, yet the slight distinctions will lead individuals to buy among the various brands. For me, I rank the 3 lasers true to the review ratings:


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