Bushnell Tour X VS V3 Rangefinder

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Bushnell Tour X Golf Rangefinder Review

Over the years, Bushnell has actually led from the front when it pertains to golf rangefinders and also the Scenic tour X is definitely among their ideal.

Supplying many of the features that have popularised Bushnell rangefinders throughout the years, one of the most crucial change of the Tour X is the addition of interchangeable faceplates to disable or allow incline measurement.

Th screen is also smart. You can pick between a black or red display depending on the illumination conditions. I normally located that red worked finest in low light and black in the intense sunlight. With its 6x magnification, the Bushnell Tour X can measure the flag as much as around 450 backyards. Nonetheless, it is even more accurate to about 350 which is still remarkable. For huge items the Tour X can in fact pick points out well over 450 backyards!

Thanks to Bushnell’s Jolt technology, you’ll get a great vibration when the device secure on the intended target. With the E.S.P. 2 (Extreme. Rate. Precision) innovation within the Trip X, you obtain very rapid outcomes which is a perk, especially when playing in a group. This 2nd generation of E.S.P apparently picks up items 5 times much faster with an accuracy within 1 backyard.

The Scenic tour X Shake comes in a great box with a resilient bring instance, soft cleansing cloth and excellent guideline pamphlet. The second faceplate really includes its own separate lug situation which is really helpful.

Bushnell Trip X Golf Rangefinder Review

For severe golf enthusiasts that want the choice of measuring elevation, the Excursion X Jolt is a very strong alternative as well as wont dissatisfy. The Tour X really feels great in the hand and the Jolt technology is constantly enjoyable to use.


  • The Tour X with JOLT provides exceptional precision.
  • Has 2 screen choices relying on light.
  • Has interchangeable faceplates for incline acknowledgment.
  • Well made with solid bring instance.


  • Can deal with flags over 350 backyards.
  • Some users have actually pointed out a difficult with the focusin

Secret Features

  • Innovation: The JOLT technology allows individuals to quickly inform when they have actually secured on the object. Really helpful considering how very easy it is to get it incorrect! You obtain a great vibration with the device when it locks.
  • Array: The Bushnell Tour X has an array up to concerning 450 lawns (more with larger things) and gets the flag to concerning 350 backyards.
  • Accuracy: The Bushnell Pro X7 Golf Laser Rangefinder includes a brand-new and enhanced 7X magnifying lens– the only one on the planet. It supplies crisp as well as clear pictures to the user. Its Focus system is also extremely quick.
  • Show: The first thing you’ll discover when you make use of the screen on the Tour X is that you have two options– red or black. Red is wonderful in low light and the black cuts perfectly through brilliant sunlight.
  • Authorized for competitions: Not only is the Bushnell Tour X pro-certified by golf enthusiasts, it additionally follows the USGA 14-3 regulation for usage in tournaments currently thanks to its detachable faceplate.


There are a great deal of things to like regarding the V4 Rangefinder, especially contrasted to the older version, the V3, if you’ve utilized that. For starters, its accuracy numbers are pretty darn spot on. It’s not mosting likely to offer you 5 different analyses in less than a minute. It’s darn precise. The plus/minus price is right around 1 backyard, which is much lower than your average rangefinder. The rate it provides you those numbers is likewise much quicker contrasted to various other versions, especially the V3.


I would advise getting the incline edition since this is even more exact. The slope version factors in uphill as well as downhill shots and readjusts your distance based off that. This has a big influence, certainly, on club selection. If you play in competitions, it is now lawful to make use of the slope laser, but you need to keep the incline mode off. Maintain that in mind so you do not get penalized when contending.


Compared to the V3, the V4 is substantially smaller sized. In fact, research reveals it’s 30% smaller sized. It’s extremely small and very easy to hold and also make use of, not to mention it considers less than 6 ounces. It puts my 30-pound binocular set to embarassment. This can be a caution, too, though, as it makes it more difficult to hold still when it’s this super light.


You also can not go wrong with the layout. It makes it super comfortable to hold in your hand. Unlike the V3, this has a small notch along the bottom of the rangefinder to rest your thumb and also it is better textured permitting a more powerful grip. One switch ahead can control every little thing, from discharging the laser to the flag to changing to different settings. You can also adjust the focus with the emphasis ring.


There’s additionally the JOLT part of the rangefinder is pretty great. Well, with the V4, it triggers a tiny vibration, or “jolt”, that you can feel. This allows you know your distance is set. And also, like we stated above, this isn’t mosting likely to provide you a different reading whenever. Once that jolt goes off, you’re locked in. No more doing the regulation of standards of five different readings or questioning on your own or the rangefinder.

The V4 has an adjustable eyepiece which allows you to fit your eye. It features a safety silicone cover and premium looking hard case which can quickly clip to your golf bag. It additionally consists of a battery pack and also battery door. The 3 volt/cr2 battery likewise allows you to play a few rounds without requiring a recharge.


Another concern on numerous golfers’ minds are the zoom degrees. This set has 5x magnification and also has a sight range of 5-1000 yards and also can scan anywhere within 400 backyards to the flag. I would certainly expect in the following upgrade that they will move to a 6x/7x as some rangefinders have that ability out there.


Playing in the rain? No demand to stress. The Bushnell V4 is water resistant, so even if you’re playing in a gale (which God bless you if you are), you will not need to fret about it getting damaged.


Our last verdict? While it can be a bit expensive, it’s worth it if you can afford it. It saves you a ludicrous amount of time figuring out yardage as well as is precise and easy to use. The bottom line is just makes the video game of golf a lot more enjoyable and trouble-free. There’s enough other parts of the video game of golf that can trigger you stress and anxiety. This is something that can at the very least eliminate a few of that discomfort.


  • Compact and also exceptionally light-weight
  • Provides accurate readings
  • Gives you a resonance when the yardage number is final
  • Usage simply one finger to focus in as well as can hold with one hand
  • Water-proof.
  • You can obtain slope setting which takes elevation right into account.


  • Its severe lightweight can make it more difficult to hold consistent.
  • Zoom of 5x is excellent, yet there are rangefinders with 6x/7x around.
  • Switching between modes can be difficult for newbies out there.

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