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Callaway 300 Review: A powerful Midranger

Some people feel that a golf laser rangefinder should be designed simple and straightforward. We use a golf laser rangefinder simply to get the distance information from our place to the flag. While many rangefinders tend to put some additional features in order to make some distinctions, sometimes it is just all too much. Now, if you want something simple and straightforward but reliably powerful to give you the utmost precision in every distance information, Callaway 300 comes up to answer the challenge. (Read Callaway 300 in versus here)

Callaway 300 Review

Callaway 300 strips off all the unnecessary knick-knacks. What is even greater, it requires zero setup. Many rangefinders tend to require complicated processes in order to get them working, but Callaway 300 simply asks you to put on the battery. You can immediately use the device right after! Simply press the power button and it is ready to serve. Pressing and holding down the power button will cause the device to enter the scan mode, in which it will provide you real-time information about distances to every object it is aimed to. For locking to the flag, Callaway 300 is armed with the Pin Acquisition Technology (PAT) feature that is very fast and accurate. It is able to lock to the flag up to 300 yards away with exceptional accuracy. You can also switch between yard and meter units by using the Mode button.


Callaway 300 is able to measure distances up to 1,000 yards away, which is astonishing. Even so, you may be wondering if Callaway 300 is actually accurate or not. Well, actually, accuracy is Callaway 300’s biggest strength! Not so many products can match Callaway 300’s accuracy and fast performance. The PAT feature is able to lock to the flag reliably, rarely confuse the flag with the other objects behind. Callaway 300 is supported further with a 6X maximum magnification.

Callaway 300 has a gray display screen that is very easy to read during the day. Unfortunately, it can be slightly harder to read if the background color is dark, for example at dusk or on a heavily clouded day. Nevertheless, with such extreme accuracy and performance at a relatively affordable price, Callaway 300 is one powerful midranger boasting an enormous value.

Pros of Callaway 300
– Excellent measurement range
– Smart and fast Pin Acquisition Technology (PAT) system
– Comfortable ergonomic and soft body construction

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