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Callaway 300 Vs Tour Z6

If you are a serious golf player, you certainly need a reliable rangefinder device. Compared to GPS rangefinder, laser rangefinder can be somehow much easier to use, with fewer things to be done. Sometimes, it can be more affordable as well. For the sake of practicality and compactness, people still love laser rangefinder. Now, if you are looking for a decent and reliable laser rangefinder, there are Callaway 300 and Bushnell Tour Z6 available on the market. These are extremely popular models both among beginners and among professional players. However, Bushnell Tour Z6 is quite significantly more expensive than Callaway 300. Which one should you choose?

Callaway 300 Vs Tour Z6

Maximum Range
Both models are able to measure distances around a thousand yards, which is quite long enough for various golf courses. Both models have a minimum range of 5 yards. However, there is no need to be surprised upon finding out that Bushnell Tour Z6 can work for longer distances than Callaway 300. It can detect distances up to 1,300 yards, while Callaway 300 is limited to 1,000 yards. While these numbers seem great, do not forget that there are a number of external factors that can affect the performance of your measuring device; fogs and rains and smokes can alter the maximum distance that your device can detect. Thus, Bushnell Tour Z6 can be more reliable than Callaway 300 for longer courses and under bad weather conditions. FYI, Bushnell Pro 1M Vs Bushnell Tour Z6.

Bushnell Tour Z6 has a more precise accuracy than Callaway 300. It has around 1/2-yard accuracy, while the other model has around 1-yard accuracy. The smaller the mistake possibility, the more accurate the distance that the device display. Thus, once again, Bushnell Tour Z6 is more reliable than Callaway 300 in terms of accuracy.

Both models are given the magnification alias zooming function up to 6 times. Callaway 300 uses the Pin Acquisition Technology (PAT) to lock onto flag quickly from up to 300 yards. On the other hand, Bushnell Tour Z6 uses the JOLT technology for automatic detection and lock once you hit the flag up to 450 yards away. Additionally, Bushnell Tour Z6 comes with 2nd gen ESP and Vivid Display Technology for improved contrast, clarity, and brightness of the display. Both models are designed to be compact and waterproof.

- Range 5-1000 yards with 6X magnification (+/- 1 yard accuracy), Includes CR2 3V battery and carry case
- Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T) locks onto flag quickly from up to 300 yards
- Scan landscape to acquire distances to multiple targets at once
- Lightweight (7.5 oz.), compact design; water/fog proof, legal for tournament play
- Please refer the User Manual/ Trouble Shooting Steps under product details
- Pin Seeker with JOLT technology ensures you know when you hit the flag
- Ranges from 5 to 1,300 yards; 450+ yards to flags; 1/2 yard accuracy from 5 to 125 yards
- 6x magnification; fully waterproof
- 2nd generation E.S.P. and Vivid Display Technology dramatically improves contrast, clarity and light transmission
- Legal for tournament play; carry/storage case included; limited two year warranty

Callaway 300 Vs Tour Z6
In many aspects, Bushnell Tour Z6 proves to be better than Callaway 300. It has longer maximum distance, more accuracy, and better performance. Thus, you should choose Bushnell Tour Z6!

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