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Callaway Chrome Soft Vs Supersoft

Both Callaway Chrome Soft and Callaway Supersoft are great golf balls that are described to have a very soft feel. The reason why a soft golf ball is preferred by many players is that a soft golf ball is much easier to compress. By properly compressing the ball, you can send it to a long distance and significantly reduce the spin. So, what does actually differ Callaway Chrome Soft vs Supersoft? Below, we will see the comparisons in terms of construction and performance to help you choose the most suitable golf ball.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs Supersoft

Let’s start by taking a look at the construction of Callaway Chrome Soft. It Is actually a four-piece golf ball which features the Dual SoftFast Core that allows you to easily compress the ball on iron shots to deliver straight and long flight. This particular core technology has also been engineered to deliver high ball speeds with low spin. Hence, this golf ball is great for golf players who need some spin reduction in order to optimize the launch conditions when off the tee.

There are multiple mantle layers. It is equipped with the Tour Urethane Cover, which offers enhanced control and greenside performance. When on the green, it has good spin and bite that eases the effort needed to hole the ball. The cover features the HEX aerodynamics for optimized lift and reduced drag to increase the distance.

On the other hand, Callaway Supersoft is a two-piece golf ball – see the comparisons between Titleist DT TruSoft vs Callaway Supersoft here. It is equipped with the new ultra-low compression core to promote ball speeds, reduce spin, and make the flight straighter. It is equipped with a tri-ionomer cover that has been formulated for even softer feel and shot-stopping wedge spin.

Now, let’s see how Callaway Chrome Soft vs Supersoft compare in terms of performance. Both are soft golf balls, but Callaway Supersoft is even softer than Callaway Chrome Soft. The ultra-soft feel is especially useful for golf players who lack the swing speed needed to deal with harder golf balls. The low compression enables great distance. However, the greenside control is just okay. It doesn’t have as much spin as Callaway Chrome Soft when on the green.

If you think that you need some extra greenside control, Callaway Chrome Soft should be your choice. It also has low compression, and it can deliver great distances. But the more complex layers add more bite and stopping power when on the greenside. Compared to Callaway Supersoft, this golf ball has comparable feel and distance. The ball speed is also very good.

- Fast Ball Speed Off The Driver - Callaway is the only golf ball company that has the new Dual Soft Fast Core. It's engineered for fast ball speeds with low spin for players needing spin reduction to optimize their launch conditions off the tee
- More Spin and Control - The 4-piece construction, mantle layer and Tour Urethane Cover all combine for even more control throughout the bag. You will also find extreme spin with your scoring clubs from inside 100 yards
- Low Compression For Incredibly Soft Feel - The Dual Soft Fast Core lets you compress the ball on iron shots for long, straight flight. And it has amazing feel around the greens
- Softest Golf Ball We've Ever Made: 35 compression is the softest golf ballon the market
- Mutliple Color Options: Supersoft is available in traditional White, Optical Yellow, Pink or Multi-color pack
- Featuring traditional White, Orange, Lime and Turquoise golf balls for hotter visibility in the air or on the ground

Most people who are already comfortable with Callaway Supersoft don’t really need to change. It is a good golf ball that is soft and easy to compress. It can deliver great distances. However, if you think that you need more greenside control, Callaway Chrome Soft would be the perfect solution. This model is also soft, but the spin and stopping power on the greenside are more pronounced.

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