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Callaway Chrome Soft Vs Titleist NXT Tour S

Callaway Chrome Soft vs Titleist NXT Tour S golf balls are available in the same price range. They both are said to be soft, and they both feature a similar construction design. Callaway Chrome Soft claims to have the softest feel ever and excellent short game control, along with the ability to maximize ball speed without adding high spin. On the other hand, Titleist NXT Tour S boasts shot-stopping power for short game control, low long-game spin, and consistent performance. So, which one is actually better? See the comparisons below!

Callaway Chrome Soft Vs Titleist NXT Tour S

First of all, let’s see the internal designs of these golf balls. Callaway Chrome Soft features the amazing Dual SoftFast Core that enables you to compress the ball effortlessly on iron shots to deliver long and straight flight. This is the softer version; for the slightly more solid version, see Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X. It is also designed to provide amazing feel on the greens. The golf ball has a four-piece construction design with a mantle layer and the Tour Urethane cover, all designed for increased control regardless of which club that you choose as well as for aggressive performance into the green.

Titleist NXT Tour S features the new dual core that is 66% larger than the standard core to decrease spin on long game shots and to deliver more distance on irons and tee shots. It features the Fusablend cover, which is constructed from the durable Surlyn material, providing soft feel and shot-stopping control. The 302 octahedral dimple design maximizes distance and flight consistence.

Durability and Feel
Many people think that Titleist NXT Tour S is more durable than Callaway Chrome Soft because of the cover materials. Titleist NXT Tour S boasts a Surlyn cover, which is highly flexible and durable. It can easily last for a long time. On the other hand, Callaway Chrome Soft only has a urethane cover, which is very common on the market.

However, both of these two models are soft. They both have very good compression. Despite the different materials, you probably will not notice much of a difference if you try to compare the softness and compression.

Flight and Distance
Both Callaway Chrome Soft vsTitleist NXT Tour S golf balls fly straight. They tend to be penetrating with their flight, even though you can also send them high quite easily. But the difference comes up when you compare the distance. Surprisingly, Callaway Chrome Soft can easily beat Titleist NXT Tour S in terms of distance. Using the 3 and 5 woods, Callaway Chrome Soft can go up to 20 yards further than Titleist NXT Tour S. Meanwhile, when using the pitching wedge, the difference can go for 8 yards.

Short Game Performance
Callaway Chrome Soft also has better short game performance. This is because of the urethane cover, which enables better grip and consistency on the greens. It is much easier to aim and control. It is highly capable within the 150 yards in. On the other hand, Titleist NXT Tour S is actually also very good, but this golf ball tends to bounce a little bit more.

- Fast Ball Speed Off The Driver - Callaway is the only golf ball company that has the new Dual Soft Fast Core. It's engineered for fast ball speeds with low spin for players needing spin reduction to optimize their launch conditions off the tee
- More Spin and Control - The 4-piece construction, mantle layer and Tour Urethane Cover all combine for even more control throughout the bag. You will also find extreme spin with your scoring clubs from inside 100 yards
- Low Compression For Incredibly Soft Feel - The Dual Soft Fast Core lets you compress the ball on iron shots for long, straight flight. And it has amazing feel around the greens
- The aerodynamics package on NXT Tour S now has deeper dimple depths to slightly lower the trajectory for maximized distance
- The new core is the softest ever created for NXT Tour S, providing noticeably softer feel and very low spin on your long game shots for great distance
- The new Fusablend cover is softer to enhance feel around the green and provide excellent shot stopping control

In the end, Callaway Chrome Soft is the winner. It can deliver better distance, and the short game performance is also better. It is also highly consistent and reliable.

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