Cleveland CG15 Wedge Review: Increased Spin, Perfectly Balanced Feel

Cleveland has made a long history in the golf industry. The company gained a huge success upon the iconic 588 wedge they produced a long time ago. Today, the 588 wedge is still in play all over the world, used by pros and weekend golfers alike. But the company has created a new model named Cleveland CG15 Wedge. You can say that Cleveland CG15 Wedge is the modern successor of the 588 wedge, as it has combined the classic traits of the masterpiece with modern technologies to enhance the quality and performance. Cleveland CG15 Wedge offers increased spin, thanks to the laser-milled surface roughness, and also perfectly balanced feel.

Cleveland CG15 Wedge Review

Technologies used in wedges hasn’t changed much for a long time, with the advances in CNC machining being the only notable recent progress which led to sharper and deeper grooves. Cleveland CG15 Wedge actually does not have a significant change in terms of appearance, if compared to the older models in the line-up. It has retained the same basic look, but, to be fair, we can’t really expect much form a classic wedge design. However, we can see that the company has rolled back the trailing edge of the club, making it more playable especially when opening the club. Cleveland CG15 Wedge is available in three different finishes: Chrome, Oil Quenched, and Black Pearl. The Chrome version has the typical look of a wedge or forged iron. The Oil Quenched has a reddish brown tint, and this version can rust over time. Some players prefer a rusty-style wedge because of the glare resistance and the somewhat softer surface. The Black Pearl version has an elegant dark matte finish that has a lot of fans.

Apparently, the rules indeed allow a certain level of roughness on the face, so Cleveland has laser-milled lines in-between the actual grooves up to the allowed limit in order to increase the amount of spin upon impact. These mini grooves, combined with the Zip grooves, generate the maximum spin possible within the rules. Indeed, in tests, Cleveland CG15 Wedge shows that it delivers great spin, though not as surprising as expected.

- Laser Milled - Tour Zip Grooves: Breakthrough milling technology creates pristine edges to increase spin and shot consistency - S Sole

The head has an enhanced heel and toe grin, which enables you to open the face more easily. This is particularly beneficial when you want to create more loft with confidence. Cleveland CG15 Wedge is a delight to hit when pitching and chipping. The feel is perfectly balanced, and you are going to be hard-pressed to find a club with better feel and spin.

Specifications of Cleveland CG15 Wedge
Laser-Milled: More precise, more consistent surface roughness than alternative methods for optimizing spin.
Tour Zip Grooves: Breakthrough technology in creating pristine edges to increase spin as well as shot consistency.
S Sole: Wider sole width around the heel, narrower sole width around the toe to improve the bunker performance without reducing versatility.
Number of dots represents bounce and optimal player type:
• 1 dot = low bounce: Good on firm turf and tight lies. Fits players with shallow attack angles.
• 2 dots = standard bounce: Accommodates most variety of sand, turf, as well as swing types.
• 3 dots = high bounce: Excellent on soft turf and bunkers. Fits players with highly steep attack angles.
Hand Availability: Right
Head Material: Steel
Shaft Type: Steel
Handicap Range: Medium

Pros of Cleveland CG15 Wedge
– Excellent combination of the classic 558 wedge with modern technologies
– Laser-milled mini grooves in-between the real grooves, creating enhanced spin upon impact
– Perfectly balanced feel
– The face can be opened and aimed more easily, increasing your confidence when trying to create more loft

Price of Cleveland CG15 Wedge
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