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Garmin Approach S2 Review

The latest Approach S2 type of golf GPS watch from Garmin is a clear indication of its commitment to perfectly meet the demands of its customers. If you have previously owned different GPS watches for golf courses, then this is the ultimate choice for you. Apparently, when it comes to Garmin Approach S2 Review, there are more new amazing features that have been incorporated.

Garmin Approach S2 Review

Its great design, comfort, high sensitivity and ability to provide accurate yardage makes it exceptional when compared to the previous model, Approach S1. Though it is a bit expensive in relation to Approach S1( A reason that makes it to be rated lower than S1).When compared to Approach S3, this model has not incorporated the touchscreen feature, ability to add different custom points or even position the flagstick to give a precise distance.

Besides, the S2 model has portrayed its capability in measuring different shot distance and distance traversed. Other notable features in this product include distance information with regard to doglegs and layups. The presence of a digital scorecard will always enable you to keep and monitor the scores on your watch.

Courses entailed in Approach S2
You will discover that this amazing product contain at least 40,000 courses (that are preloaded) from the entire globe. Interestingly, Approach S2 has been designed in a manner that it can be able to detect the particular location or course that you are currently situated and let you know. Besides, it can inform you the approximate distance to the nearby golf course. You will always be updated by different new courses that have been introduced at no cost. This actually happen a number of times in the year.

What are some of the features that uniquely identify the Approach S2 GPS watch? Here are some of them:

1. Great design
The amazing design applied to Approach S2 makes it perfect for daily wear. Actually, you will notice that it is light in nature, easy to adjust and will give you a comfortable fit on your wrist. Besides, it is resistant to water thus implying its capabilities of withstanding extreme temperature conditions. Besides, it has been made with a high quality material that makes it to last longer. When it comes to color formation, it is available in different colors which are meant to meet customers’ customized needs. For its size, its similar to that of S1 and S3, with S2 being a bit heavier in weight than S1 and slightly lighter than S3.

2. Amazing Display
This Approach S2 comes with a great display of white and black screen that provide a clear view (the pixels are really amazing). Furthermore, it possesses four buttons which are “Menu”, “Down”, “Up’ and “Backlight/Power”. The backlight is meant to stay for eight seconds after being activated. For S3, it is touchscreen-enabled whereas S1 has similar button display to that of S2.

3. Shot tracking
Apparently, you will discover that this Approach S2 can precisely measure the distance (yardages) of shots applied on the course area. Besides, the presence of an odometer that is inbuilt facilitates automatic tracking of your movement as you walk around the course. Additionally, you can also get the records for the elapsed time in the event that you had timed yourself.

4. Checking on scores
It is crucial to monitor the way you are performing in your rounds. The Approach S2 contains the digital scorecard that will help you to track the scores that you are making. Actually, there is also a button at the bottom of the screen that can help you to identify the position you are in relation to other players in the entire world.

Once you have completed your round, you can link your Approach S2 with your computer (using USB cable) and download your scores there. You can end up storing them there or even printing them. This can be a great way to fast-track your performance!

5. Auto advance to next hole
Once you are done with a particular hole, you will find that you have advanced to the next hole automatically. You can also choose to move to the next hole by pressing the up arrow button. To revert to the previous hole, you can use the down arrow button.

6. Accurate measure
This is a feature that is attributed by its GPS receiver that is indeed very sensitive. You will discover that you can get accurate measurements of the back, front and center of the green points. Besides, the doglegs and the layup points greatly boost the precise range of accuracy to the hole. In S3, you can customize different points to enhance the accuracy on your rounds.

No subscription for courses offered
Simple to operate and use
Last longer
Great charging system-gives a quick charge
Convenient due to its lightweight nature

No online platform to save scores
A bit costly but worth the money
Inability to customize additional points
Low grade materials used

From the Garmin Approach S2 review above, it is clear that this GPS watch has taken into account different specifications to make it efficient and effective. There are other alternatives in the market (like S1 and S3) but this model has proven be convenient, user-friendly and highly defined. Thus, if you are a golfer, this is a product that you can trust and you will indeed find the value for your money. Make an informed choice now and own it!

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