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Garmin Approach S2 Vs S3

Garmin GPS watches are undoubtedly the best when it comes to golf watches. The watches are feature-rich, well built and perfect to wear while playing. The best part is that they are far more accurate than several other brands available in the market. Garmin approach S is a great series that is highly appreciated by the users due to its feature-set and reliability. The two most popular and purchased models of this series are Garmin Approach s2 and s3. Both the watches are brilliant in their category and have tons of fan following across the world. Let us do a Garmin Approach s2 vs s3 comparison according to their usability and features to know which of them is better and provides great value for money.

Garmin Approach S2 Vs S3

Battery life
The first and the most important thing that we usually look for in a golf watch is the battery life. Although S2 and S3 both have incredible batteries that produce enough juice to run for day without any problem. But comparatively, the battery of Garmin Approach S3 is better than the S2. The S3 can easily be used for a day with GPS on. However, if you are using the S2, then you will find the battery life enough only to be used for 6-7 hours.

Feature set
Talking about the feature-set, the S3 feels a better package than the S2. Additional features like Green View, custom yardage points, and selectable display background color makes it advantageous for those who are looking to buy a watch with advanced features that can help them improve their game.

Although the Garmin Approach S2 is lighter than the S3, but the S3 has better display, and has a great touch screen which can be beneficial while playing. So, the S3 can be seen as a better package than S2 when it comes to the usability. See Bushnell Neo XS Vs Garmin Approach S2.

- Preloaded worldwide courses (over 30,000 courses worldwide) and free lifetime course updates
- High-sensitivity GPS receiver for stronger signal strength and improved tracking under trees
- Layup and dogleg distances improve usability for the entire hole
- Measures individual shot distances
- GPS Golf Watch Loaded with over 27000 worldwide courses
- Green view lets you see the shape of the green and move the pin to the day's location
- High resolution glove-friendly touchscreen display
- Free Lifetime Course updates

Garmin Approach S2 Vs S3
Although we said earlier, these two watches have their own ground, and are popular among the buyers of two different categories, if we have to choose one among them, then it will definitely be the Garmin Approach s3, due to its selectable display background and battery life. So, if you were planning to buy a golf watch but were confused about the Garmin Approach S2 vs S3, then we hope that this comparison will help you choose the suitable one.

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