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Garmin Approach S3 Review

Garmin is world’s leader when it comes to the GPS devices. You can use their products in car, when you’re camping or hitchhiking, and they you can be pretty sure that they won’t let you down. When you know that’s the case, then it is no wonder that this company is also one of the biggest players in the golf GPS business. In fact, Garmin Approach S3 watch is something that you should be familiar about if you are serious at all about your golf skills. However, just in case you have never heard of it before, we have prepared a review that will help you decide whether this gadget is the right one for you. After reading this review, maybe you’re going to have some of your dilemmas sold in case you’re wondering which GPS watch to buy solved.

Garmin Approach S3 Review

-Specifications: With 4.5 x 6.9 x 1.4 cm, this gadget has some pretty fine dimensions. It features monochrome LCD display with a size of 2.54 cm, so it should be easy for you to spot the hole you’re looking for. It weighs 58.5 g and this means that while it isn’t quite the lightest thing in the world, it isn’t very heavy neither and it shouldn’t affect your golfing skills in any way. Battery is good enough and it should last up to 8 hours if we suppose you’re using it as a GPS device. On the other hand, if you use it strictly as a watch, things are a bit different. In so called “watch mode”, you can use gadget up to 4 weeks without having its battery replaced, and you’ll have to agree that’s pretty nice period of time.

-Manual pin positioning: This gadget comes preloaded with more than 27 000 courses all over the world. This gives special meaning to this feature. You see, when you’re on some course that is pretty bumpy and tricky, it is very important that you know where to aim with your golf club. This is where touch-and-move pin positioning shows its quality. You can use “Green view”, which is going to show you real shape and layout of the field. Then, just touch the pin on your display and drag it to the location needed.

There it is, you now don’t have to worry if the field is visible or not.

-Beautiful style: S3 may be nice sports watch, but it can be useful as a fine stylish watch for everyday use, too. Because it’s pretty light, you won’t feel it most of the time and it can be fine asset to your fashion style. You can make a good use of a few features such as round timer. This feature is prefect if you want to keep track how long it takes for you to play the 18-holes game. Also, it comes with pedometer included and you can count your footsteps or how far you can go. This could prove to be very useful when you want to keep your body in a good shape and dose your walking or running.

-Free updates: As we’ve mentioned, S3 comes preloaded with over 27 000 courses from all around the world. But, there’s more good stuff to it. Database is constantly getting updated with new courses and as soon as the certain amount of new maps is uploaded to the database, your S3 is capable of downloading it. How much does it cost you? Absolutely nothing, it’s free and it may as well be the very best part of this whole update thing.

-Shot distance measuring and fine yardages measure: Ever happened that you’ve hit the ball so far that you don’t even know where it ended? If that’s the case, than this is a feature you should be using. With shot distance measuring, you can precisely see how far you’ve hit that ball. Also, precise yardage measure will show you exact yardage at any time.

Garmin shows with this device that it is the world’s leading manufacturer of GPS gadgets. This tool is not only good for playing golf but also good for different activities that involve GPS usage such as driving a car, for example. Its stylish design makes it good for daily use, and its high technology updates its database constantly. Therefore, what makes it a great and useful tool is that you will use it both for playing or improving at golf and for lots of other activities when it will be necessary.

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