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Garmin Approach S6 Review

Garmin was among the pioneers of the GPS technology. The Approach S6 is in the 6th generation of their GPS watch and it delivers all the functionality of Approach S5. However, the S6 has a couple of additional features to help you in finding your way as well as improving your swing.

Garmin Approach S6 Review

The Garmin Approach S6 is considered as the best golf GPS watch that combines overhead hole maps with the touchscreen so as to determine the distance to any given point on a golf course. The Approach S6 also provides excellent set of features that include statistics tracking and full scoring, shot measurement, an odometer, Bluetooth pairing to your mobile phone to enable notifications to your watch and the PinPointer that tells you the direction of a pin in case you’re taking a blind shot. While 399 dollars isn’t cheap, buying the Garmin Approach S6 is still a worthy investment

The Approach S6 has a legible color display and it’s also good-sized. It has a highly navigable touch-screen’s interface that is responsive to the glove-clad fingertip and readable in direct sunlight. There are also 4 hardware buttons on its body which will jump from the Course View map of every hole to the Green View for more detailed looks at the surface. There’s also a wee tap on its screen that indicates the distance between any 2 points in case you would like to lay up to a given distance instead of risking a shot to the well-guarded green.

The numbers that are displayed on the Garmin Approach S6 will tell you about the distance to the middle, back and front of a green. In addition, it will also measure the distance that you will hit the last shot.

During the first days of a GPS boom, you would have had to connect the device with your computer to ensure that the course which you were playing was in a database before you actually left the house. The Approach S6 comes preloaded with more than 30,000 international courses.

The Approach S6 does not just give you yardage information and little maps but it also allows one to log your attendant and score statistics like the total putts, number of fairways hit as well as your scores relative to par. In addition, in case you keep a handicap, the Approach S6 will be able to make adjustments to your scores based on the relative difficulty of your course and your index. After the round, just sync the watch to a computer and then use Garmin Express software for further analysis of your performance. (You can as well sync it to the smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity)

Finally, in the whistles-and-bells department, the manufacturers at Garmin have decided incorporated several pedagogical features known as SwingStrength and TempoTraining.

Once you arrive at the golf course, the Garmin Approach S6 will be capable of zeroing in on where on you are. It will then auto-advance hole after hole as the round progresses. Its measurement of the distances from point one to another is very accurate to within four yards of on-course yardage markers. In regard to the approach shots towards the green, you can touch the screen so as to get a more precise idea how of far you are from the flagstick which is a very important feature.

In addition, you can easily keep scores during the round. However, you will not be able to view the whole scorecard or even detailed statistics until after you sync up with a computer or mobile device.

Battery Life
Garmin claims that the Garmin Approach S6 will last for around 8 hours per every charge seems extremely accurate when used extensively on the course. This means that one should certainly charge this device in between the rounds. In case you just use the Approach 6 as a watch, it will stay charged up for months and approximately half a day in case you enable the Bluetooth notifications. All earlier told, it ought to last for as long as you do except when you are playing 36 holes during a given day.

· It has a slender profile
· The watch offers a vivid, color and touch-screen display
· It has a dedicated button which provides precise distances between 2 points
· It has Bluetooth notifications (texts and calls)

· You cannot view the entire scorecard until after one round
· It is relatively expensive as compared to other models

Bottom Line
The combination of extensive and accurate course information, a brighter touch screen and extras like smartphone notifications and a swing analyzer make Garmin Approach S6 to be a great companion for stats-obsessed golfers.

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