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Garmin G3 Vs G5

Golf GPS rangefinder devices are getting more trending recently. A Golf GPS rangefinder device is, as the name suggests, used in golf to help a player determine the exact position of various fixed points on a golf course. Compared to laser rangefinders, golf GPS rangefinders are more preferable by most people due to offering more consistency, more features, smarter engine, and also more user-friendly. Determining distances as accurate as possible is very crucial, especially for professional players, because it immensely helps to make the decision about your swing. Right now, Garmin Approach G3 and Garmin Approach G5 are some of the most popular models on the market. They came from the same series, but certainly not from the same price class. As a lot of people are torn between these two interesting models, we are going to compare them against each other thoroughly here. Hopefully, you will be able to make a decision whether you should purchase Garmin Approach G3 or Garmin Approach G5 after this article.

Garmin G3 Vs G5

Probably we should notify you first about the prices. Garmin G3 is the lower model, coming with a lower price also. Garmin G5 is more expensive by roughly two hundred bucks. With such a steep price gap, we certainly expect Garmin G5 to have tremendous advantages over Garmin G3. Well, there are some advantages indeed. First, Garmin G5 has a better display than Garmin G3. It comes with a wider screen and also a higher resolution. Thus, Garmin G5 can give you a broader visualization of the field without having to swap and shift the display. This is, of course nice, as this will allow you to determine the distance between two points more easily. Second, Garmin G5 comes with one extra feature that Garmin G3 lacks, which is stats tracking. Garmin G5 can help you analyze your performance by tracking some statistical data like greens & fairways hit, average distance per hit, and putts per round.

Unfortunately, that is all about Garmin G5’s advantages over Garmin G3. The lower model is actually even more compact and lighter than the higher model, which makes it handy to be brought around. The rest of the specifications and features are the same.

- The Box contains: Approach G3, Belt clip, USB cable, Owner's manual
- The detailed golf course maps will provide golfers with precise distance information about fairways, hazards and greens from any point on the course
- As you move about the course, the unit will continuously update your position and show you the distance to each target
- The Approach G3 steps away from our traditional recreational product line
- Rugged, waterproof golf GPS unit with 3-inch sunlight-readable touschreen display
- Preloaded U.S. course maps, including fairways, hazards, and greens
- No annual fee; new maps available for download from
- Measure shot distance with highly sensitive readings to eliminate guesswork from your game

Garmin G3 Vs G5
Therefore, if you don’t mind spending some extra dimes, then you can choose Garmin G5. The larger display screen is indeed very neat, and the extra feature can be significant if you are a serious golfer. Otherwise, for the fullest value out of your money, Garmin G3 is the way to go.

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