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Golf Buddy LR5 Review

While most golfers seems to benefit quite a lot from bigger as it comes to rangefinders, Golf Buddy has come up with compact golf buddy lr5 to those who tend to seek ease and comfortable use in a reasonable sized device. The new ergonomically device could easily provide golfers with the real thing they tend to look for without the ambiguous and clumsy nature of an over-sized rangefinder. More compact and easy to use laser rangefinder; Golf Buddy continues to expand it already expanded line by bringing to the market a new laser rangefinder. The LR5 weigning below eight oz and coming with three variety of scanning mode that are, standard, scan and pin. Unlike other devices LR5s pin and scan mode gets you on the go just with one click.

Golf Buddy LR5 Review

· Three scan modes as mentioned in the introduction part
· 6 times magnification
· Accuracy + / – 1 yard
· Ergonomic body-design
· Default to the previous used settings
· An automatic shut of feature after ten seconds of unused time
· Battery life of 3000 to 5000 actuations
· Eye-piece adjustment also known as dioptre adjustment
· Water resistant feature
· 249.99 MSRP

– At standard mode it provides a distance to the target
– At scan mode it provides continuously scans for ten secs to show distances to different targets
– At pin mode continuously scans for ten secs to show different targets and the LR5 will show the distance to the closest object

From the box
There is a unique quality to the device as soon as the package gets out of the box. A high quality and elegant case that comes along with the unit of which it’s grey in colour with acute blue and darker grey accent. A quick start up guide helps one get acclimated to the devices’ features and a list of question and answer one would have at the first look.

The casing is designed in a special way that it provides ultimate safety to the rangefinder as the golfers move around with it. A rigid shell that is long lasting, a tough zip, extra stretch based latch and a carabiner that provides an attachment to the golf bag

There are a number of large units in the market but who won’t like something that is compact and easy to handle? It creates a comfort feeling in the hand and despite the small size, the eye-piece is still at its normal size offering a clear view even when you got your sunglasses on.

Eyepiece and display
The six times magnification of the Golf Buddy LR5 monocular eye piece is actually very easy to adjust. It gets out of the unit in a fascinating rubberized fashion and in the occasion of resistance, one can just twist to accommodate any view. While viewing there are few display features. One, asset of cross hairs that works on aiming of a specific target, at activation a box surrounds the cross hairs and depending on the mode selected the LR5 selects the objects.

At activation of the scan of the LR5, it takes at most 2 seconds to lock the object. When it was being tasted there were some occasion that the targets were scanned a number of time to guarantee the distance, though it wasn’t much of an issue. Test against other units confirmed the accuracy level of about one yard for the LR5. And too from the three modes, the best result are obtained from the pin mode as it focuses the pin that is in the foreground. The device has a buttons on its top for enabling change of the modes.

Battery life
Despite its high frequency of use during the test, there was no time that a battery was needed to be changed, the Golf Buddy LR5 has an operating life of 3000 to 5000 which could be equivalent to over one hundred rounds depending on the accuracy and short quality. Roughly this can accommodate a full golf season. While it’s a normality to change battery, the LR5 device offers an easy way to have a battery change. It has a battery compartment cap with a tab instead of the coin like thing in other units that can scratch and fray the unit.

Golf buddy lr5 has come as a better option to the golfers as it produces more accurate results, ease to learn and use and has an effective battery life.

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