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GolfBuddy WT4 Vs WT 5

Wearable golf GPS watches are indeed very interesting products to be had. By simply putting it on your wrist, you can receive important distance information about your golf game without needing to aim the device yourself. Easy to bring and straightforward to use, GolfBuddy offers you their two golf GPS watch models, GolfBuddy WT4 and GolfBuddy WT5. These two products are priced a little bit differently, with GolfBuddy WT5 being slightly cheaper than GolfBuddy WT4. You must be wondering what on earth are the differences between these models. Well, let us see.

GolfBuddy WT4 Vs WT 5

Comparing The Specifications
We will start by comparing the specifications. Even though they have nearly similar sizes and weights, you should be aware that GolfBuddy WT4 indeed has a slightly wider display screen than GolfBuddy WT5. The WT4 has a 1.29” display screen while the WT5 has a 1.25” display screen. Furthermore, GolfBuddy WT4’s is 160×160 pixels in resolution, having a square-like shape, while GolfBuddy WT5’s is 144×168 pixels in resolution with a shape of a vertical rectangle. Either way, you will not notice very much of difference in using the two models. Both are water resistant with an IPX7 rating.

Each of these models comes with four buttons and has a USB interface for connecting to a personal computer. Actually, they also have the same maximum course capacity, up to 40,000 courses, though they come with different numbers of pre-loaded courses. GolfBuddy WT4 has a much longer battery life, up to 13 hours per charge, while GolfBuddy WT5’s maximum battery life is only 8 hours per charge.

Now, The Features
Actually, you can hardly find too many differences between GolfBuddy WT4 and GolfBuddy WT5. The two models have identical basic functions and performance. They have a similar menu interface, as well as separate watch mode and play mode. In the watch mode, the device will act much like a regular wristwatch, while in the play mode, the device will transform into a golf GPS rangefinder. They are able to provide distance information to targets and hazards, and they also allow you to perform pin placement with a dynamic green view. Both have built-in digital scorecard and GPS tracking features. Anyhow, GolfBuddy WT4 comes preloaded with more than 37,000 courses worldwide while GolfBuddy WT5 is preloaded with more than 38,000 courses.

Last but not least, GolfBuddy WT4 is only available in a single color variant, white. GolfBuddy WT5 is available in black with blue trims and white with orange trims.

- Slim design with digital and analog watch feature
- Full targets and hazards information
- Dynamic Green View
- No Membership or Download Fees
- Pre-Loaded with over 37,000 golf courses worldwide
- GPS watch with golf features and GPS tracking
- Distances to front/center/back of the green provided to improve your golf game
- Targets and hazards included to save you strokes
- Auto course/hole recognition so you're ready to go as soon as you get the tee
- Dynamic Green View feature to provide accurate yardages from every angle of approach

GolfBuddy WT4 Vs WT 5
Being a little bit pricier, GolfBuddy WT4 offers a slightly wider screen and a significantly longer battery life. If you think you won’t play for more than a few hours, GolfBuddy WT5 is sufficient. For long sessions, though, you need GolfBuddy WT4.

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