Mizuno JPX 825 Iron Vs Mizuno EZ Iron

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Mizuno JPX 825 Iron Vs Mizuno EZ Iron

Mizuno is mostly known as a maker of professional golf clubs until the few recent years. Mizuno has innovated with various beginner and game improvement clubs, which have managed to take quite a lot of attention and achieve considerable success. Now, there are two popular models of game improvement irons on the market right now, Mizuno JPX 825 and Mizuno JPX EZ. However, if we are to compare the price, Mizuno JPX EZ is usually a little bit more expensive than Mizuno JPX 825. So, is Mizuno JPX EZ really better than Mizuno JPX 825? Or should you just pick the cheaper item? Find the answer below.


Let us begin with the cheaper item. Mizuno JPX 825 is a relatively cheap and affordable iron set. Mizuno JPX 825 features the Optimized MAX MOI Pocket cavity that is paired with an extreme toe/heel weighting. Such design aims to create the largest sweet area possible. In addition, Mizuno JPX 825 is also coming with the Triple Cut sole design to create the ideal turf interaction, and the multi-material electroform badge for enhanced feel and aggressive styling. The scientifically designed Harmonic Impact Technology generates solid sound and feel upon impact.

On the other hand, Mizuno JPX EZ is famous for the astonishing forgiveness. It also features the largest sweet spot, and it has been engineered to deliver the solid pure feel at impact. The Hot Metal Face allows the maximum COR to achieve the maximum distance. However, Mizuno JPX EZ comes with different cavity design on different irons. The 4 – 7 irons have the Max Pocket Cavity, which creates massive sweet area and effortless launch. The 8 – PW irons have the Deep Pocket Cavity for enhanced accuracy and launch control.


In terms of performance, we must say that Mizuno JPX EZ is indeed better than Mizuno JPX 825. The thing about Mizuno JPX EZ is the extreme forgiveness. The irons are very easy to play and highly forgiving, allowing you to achieve great trajectory and distance. Because of that, Mizuno JPX EZ is very suitable for beginners and high handicap players. On the other hand, Mizuno JPX 825 also has good forgiveness and feel, and the turf interaction is excellent.

Mizuno JPX 825 Irons


  • – Optimized MAX MOI Pocket cavity and extreme toe/heel weighting deliver Mizuno’s largest Sweet Area ever.
  • – Mizuno’s scientifically designed Harmonic Impact Technology ensures an extremely solid sound and feel at impact.
  • – Multi-material electroform badge to further enhance feel and deliver aggressive styling.
  • – Triple Cut sole design for ideal turf interaction from and lie on the course.

Mizuno EZ Irons


  • – Largest Sweet Spot in Golf for maximum forgiveness
  • – Max Pocket Cavity (4-7 iron) for massive sweet area and effortless launch
  • – Deep pocket Cavity (8-PW) for increased accuracy and launch control
  • – Hot Metal Face for maximum COR to deliver maximum distance


In general, Mizuno JPX EZ is the better way to go. The forgiveness, launch control, and distance it provides are exceptional. On the other hand, Mizuno JPX 825 is a suitable alternative if you need something more affordable.


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