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Laser Link Red Hot 2 Review

The Laser link red hot 2 features a pistol-like shape design, where one simply gets to hold the unit at a hand away distance and aim the red marker in the view finder at the object. The Red Hot can target a number of objects on the golf course, unlike the Laser Link quick shot which only has an ability to target flag sticks that have reflective prisms.

Laser Link Red Hot 2 Review

The new design seems a remarkable idea at first encounter, and Laser Link insists on the fact that one is not necessarily required to hold the unit that close to one’s eyes. The unit is at its peak when working with a flag stick that has a reflective prism.

It has an elegaant design that works quit good on target with relective prisms

The unit is slow in regestering the readings

Ease of usage
The Red hot unit is designed to be handled more like a gun, with the use of the red dot in the view finder to target a desired target. The outcome distance to the object is displayed on an LCD display on the unit’s body. Theoretically, this is worthwhile, as one can put on sunglasses while using the unit.

The unit works well generally for object that are easily targeted like flag sticks. Complicated targets however, requires one to hold the view-finder up close to the eye so as to be able to engage in waiting for confirmation dance that the target is locked, viewing the LCD screen to get the distance, and if the distance appeared not to be correct, putting the view-finder back up to the original position and restarting the process again.

Compounding the issue is that the unit is one among the few laser range finders that come unexclusive of any whatsoever magnification ( compare this unit to the 6 times or 7 times magnification of competing units. This lack of magnification, which of course is necessitated by the gun-shaped design, makes it a real hustle to perfectly lock onto thin or smaller targets at a distance

The unit is average in weight and size versus the other competing units, and comes alongside with a case for carriage that easily clips onto a bag. The unit too is easy to grip at hand, with a hard black and red rubber exterior.

The device takes one 9volt alkaline battery. When the battery gets to low power, a low battery icon appears on the LCD display.

The unit is a basic device with a limited feature set. The device come with only one button, which is used to fire the laser and output the red dot in the view finder when pressed upon with the trigger finger. The same same button is used to change the preferred settings (done by holding down the button for a minute or so). One can modify the LCD readings between meters and yards, and too can also choose between the units vibrate mode or an audible beep to prompt confirmation of lock on a target.

The device will continue to point out the laser and output the firing red dot as long as the button is held upon, however, it will stop displaying the details on the LCD after approximately 6 seconds or so.

Speed Test
The device finished almost the last of the pack of other units in the speed test that aimed at obtaining actual distance readings. The Red Hot basically has one single mode, and underwent testing against the full pack of range finders, all but 4 of which have one single mode as well.

· Panning Mode: When we tested with unit in its single one mode compared to other units in their same modes, it came out on the top side of times for the test.
· Pin-Locating Mode: When we tested the unit in its single one mode compared to other units in their same modes, it came out slightly higher than the average for the group.

For a retail price of $389, the unit sits in the average position of the range in our laser range finder cost comparison. Our hustle at times to get distance readings, however, affects our cost perception, particularly when more excellent devices like Bushnell 1600 and Gx 1 Leupold are available at a rather similar value points.

Laser link red hot 2 is a cool gadget, however, not the first one would opt for in the case of our lives depended on getting quick and accurate distance to an object with no reflective prism

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