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Leupold GX-3IA2 Review: Featuring The DNA Technology

Though it is already a somewhat old model, Leupold GX-3IA2 is still a popular choice of a golf laser rangefinder on the market. Coming at a reasonable price, Leupold GX-3IA2 brings virtuous qualities and features. The combination of the sophisticated design and construction, the reliable performance, and the ease of usage makes Leupold GX-3IA2 a very worthy purchase if you are serious about golf. Besides, it is legal for tournament play and has been powered by the DNA technology.

Leupold GX-3IA2 Review

It comes in a one-handed design. The shapes are pretty much similar to other laser rangefinder products, allowing you to use it with one hand on one eye. However, the body has a rubber cover, creating a very ideal surface for the hand grip. The body is made of aluminum with weatherproof sealing. You can use it even in a bad weather. The device feels pretty solid in the clutch and does not slip off any easily. The power button is located at the top so that it is less likely to cause accidental turn-ons and turn-offs. Meanwhile, the mode button is placed at the side, quite far from the fingers to avoid unintended presses, but is still reachable for an easy and quick access. The diopter is adjustable and clicking, ensuring for the utmost precision in the setting.

Though the measurement range is not exactly astonishing, the performance of Leupold GX-3IA2 is. It is able to measure distances between 6 and 700 yards. However, it is equipped with the high-performance Digital Enhanced Accuracy (DNA) that significantly speeds up the measurements. Leupold GX-3IA2 is able to show you distance information quite faster than other similar products. It has an optimum accuracy of 0.1 yards, though the accuracy drops to within 1 foot (0.3 yards) at 400 yards to the pin, 800 yards to a tree. For your convenience, it is also equipped with the Pin Hunter 2 and the Prism Lock features. Leupold GX-3IA2 will allow you to zero-in on a target fast and easy, even though your hands are trembling.

Leupold GX-3IA2 has a vivid OLED display screen. The display screen is easy to read no matter what the color of the background is. It also has a quick set menu for practical settings and adjustments. Last but not least, Leupold GX-3IA2 is legal for tournaments so that you can utilize it not only in training, but also in serious competitions!

Pros of Leupold GX-3IA2
– Consistent excellent performance under various conditions
– Rugged, weatherproof construction
– Decent measurement range and accuracy
– Compact design with good grip

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