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Lofthouse ProScope 400X Review: Speaking of Value and Performance

Searching for a reliable golf laser rangefinder that is legal in tournaments but will not break the bank is no easy task. The terms ‘reliable’, ‘legal’, and ‘will not break the bank’ do not usually come in a single sentence, though. The most popular golf laser rangefinder models that the pros and veterans use are often being priced at insane prices. However, you should take a look at Lofthouse ProScope 400X! This product is more affordable and budget-friendlier than those luxurious models, but offers a similar power! Lofthouse ProScope 400X speaks of value and performance.

Lofthouse ProScope 400X Review

From the design point of view, Lofthouse ProScope 400X is pretty much similar to other golf laser rangefinders, designed to be used on one hand and on one eye. It is pleasantly compact and portable, measuring only 5.12” x 2.56” x 3.54” and weighing barely 0.5 lbs. Nevertheless, the upper and lower surfaces are sophisticatedly textured, creating such a solid and firm feel when gripping it. Most of the buttons are also placed at the top, easily reachable by the fingers, making it convenient and practical to use. Also, it is constructed to be weatherproof, so you can use it even under some rain without needing to worry about breaking it. The carrying case it comes with is another nifty addition.

Lofthouse ProScope 400X comes with excellent specifications and features, making it such a huge value for the money. It has a maximum range of 400 yards to the flag, similar to the more expensive Leupold GX-1i and Bushnell Tour V3. It even comes with the PinSeeker Technology with Flag Lock as well, ensuring that you get the precise and accurate measurement of distance between you and the flag. Even though it lacks the buzzer and vibration indicators, it works very fast! You don’t really need those indicators because Lofthouse ProScope 400X will immediately tell you the distance information once it has locked to the flag. With an accuracy of plus-minus 1 yard, which is pretty standard for these devices, Lofthouse ProScope 400X is certainly reliable. It even comes with a respectable six-time maximum magnification. And, for sure, it is legal for tournament plays!

Pros of Lofthouse ProScope 400X
– Easy and simple to use
– Relatively more affordable than other models with similar specs and features
– Decent grip and handling
– Fast and accurate

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