Mileseey S2 Review

Gone are the days when tape measures ruled the long distance measuring world. To some parts of the world, tape measures are nothing but history now, and laser rangefinders have taken over the button. Though some people still prefer going through the trouble of using the traditional tape measure method to find distance measurements, laser rangefinders have revolutionized the game a great deal. This Mileseey s2 review will cover one of the best laser rangefinder in the market and take you through its innovative features and the abilities that keeps it at the top of its competitors. Why is it the best solution?


Laser and Infrared Technology
It uses the laser and infrared technology that doesn’t require you to do much when measuring distance. It provides you with easy targeting with a bright laser pointer. You just point and shoot and the gadget will measure the distance for you. It is fast, easy, and accurate. No hassle no trouble and the distance is already measured for you. All you have to do is read the result.

5 Measurement Modes
The Mileseey s2 features five measurement modes that allows you to measure length, volume, area, and continuous for optimal versatility and indirect measuring. It offers automatic calculation of both area and volume and indirect measurements by Pythagorean Theorem. Besides, it offers four measurement systems that include inches, feet, decimal feet, and metric. It also boasts a wide measuring range that any professional will find convenient and appreciable.

Among other features, this amazing piece of technology has a handy and easy to use, making it a great convenience for construction workers and engineers. This Mileseey s2 review should guide you into understanding this amazing gadget more so that you know what you are dealing with. One of the most notable features is its laser LCD with backlight and multiple line display with four lines. Otherwise, it’s a great gadget that offer high level of accuracy.

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