Nitro Golf Balls Review: Cheap Golf Ball with Solid Core

If you are looking for an affordable and inexpensive golf ball right now, you may have come across the Nitro Golf Balls. These golf balls have made quite some popularity because of their affordable and budget-friendly prices. These inexpensive golf balls have become the choice of many people who don’t want to spend so much just for a set of golf balls as well as those who seek a cheap set of golf balls for casual plays and practices. Nitro has also made the Tour Distance model for the line-up; the Nitro Golf Balls Tour Distance is the golf balls that have been designed to be allowed for use in tournaments. Thus, Nitro Golf Balls Tour Distance can be your choice if you need a casual golf ball that will keep you familiar with the tour golf balls. Unfortunately, Nitro Golf Balls aren’t the most durable golf balls. They may also feel cheap, as complained by some of the users. Therefore, Nitro Golf Balls are only suitable if you need an inexpensive set of golf balls for casual plays – they aren’t great for more serious purposes.

Nitro Golf Balls Review

Nitro Golf Balls Tour Distance has a two-piece construction. Each golf ball consists of a solid core and a durable cover. The solid care is enriched with tungsten and titanium in order to increase the ball’s moment of inertia and launch power. However, the addition of tungsten and titanium also increases the weight of the ball slightly. The cover is made from blended surlyn. This material is known to be durable, yet soft enough to allow a great feel at impact. On the golf ball, you can find the 432 dimple design, which has been designed to deliver optimized, consistent trajectory with great stability.

By the way, Nitro Golf Balls Tour Distance is available in four color variants. This is a good plus point, considering that golf balls often suffer from limited color choices. Seriously, wouldn’t it be great if we can see other colors besides white? We have grown tired seeing white balls flying every week. Nitro Golf Balls Tour Distance is available in four color choices, which are white (of course), yellow, orange, and pink. The pink color choice is quite a bold approach from the company, as pink is a rarely used color for golf balls. If you want to be different from other players, or if you simply want some variety from the traditional color choices, you can choose the pink color variant.

So, how does the Nitro Golf Balls Tour Distance perform? To make it simple, let’s say that these golf balls are usable, but definitely not the best. We can’t really complain because of the very affordable price tag. But, if you can add a few more bucks into your budget, you can get better golf balls.

- Two-piece construction - Tungsten/titanium enriched solid core technology - Blended surlyn cover for durability with feel

Nitro Golf Balls Tour Distance has a good launch and decent, consistent trajectory. We really like how the ball flies with stability. But, there are a few problems. The first thing that people often complain about the golf ball is the awful feel. It is soft, indeed, but it does not provide the great feel and sound at impact. Such seemingly trivial drawback can actually have a big effect to your confidence. Without the great feel and sound, you are left wondering whether you have hit the ball properly or not. The second problem is the speed and distance – neither is particularly amazing. All in all, Nitro Golf Balls Tour Distance is a good, inexpensive choice for casual plays. For more serious purposes, there are better options available, though you will need to add a few bucks into your budget.

Specifications of Nitro Golf Balls
• Two-piece construction
• Blended surlyn cover for great feel and durability
• Tungsten/titanium-enriched solid core
• 432 dimple design for consistent trajectory with good stability
• Maximum initial velocity to increase distance

Pros of Nitro Golf Balls
– Affordable and inexpensive price
– Good launch and trajectory
– Soft feel
– Four color choices

Cons of Nitro Golf Balls
– Cheap quality, not very durable
– The speed and distance are just so-so

Price of Nitro Golf Balls
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