NXT Tour Vs Pro V1X

Titleist is one manufacturer that has been very well-known in the industry of golf equipment products. Now, if you are looking for high-quality golf balls that can help you improve your plays, you are most probably confused in choosing between Titleist NXT Tour and Titleist Pro V1X right now. Of course, a lot of people have stated that these two golf balls may appear similar to each other, at least to a degree. Even so, Titleist Pro V1X is being priced a little bit more expensively over Titleist NXT Tour, so there must be more between them. Below, we are going to take a look on each to determine which one that you should choose.


Titleist NXT Tour
Titleist NXT Tour is a golf ball that can be your choice if you are looking for something relatively affordable and budget-friendly, yet comes with high performance levels capable of delivering low driver and long iron spin. As the effect, Titleist NXT Tour is notable for being able to achieve outstanding distance as well as providing great shot stopping control. Titleist NXT Tour comes with a sophisticated construction. The advanced multi-component golf ball possesses a large dual core with a soft center, covered by a soft Fusablend layer for soft feel and control, and spherically tiled with the 302 octahedral dimple design.

Titleist Pro V1X
On the other hand, Titleist Pro V1X comes as a golf ball that provides the total performance for all golf players, capable of providing extraordinary distance, soft feel, and the best short game spin and control. The core features a four-piece multi-component technology, utilizing a ZG process dual core with a responsive ionomeric casing layer. It is then covered in the patented soft Urethane Elastomer layer, and is then spherically tiled with the 328 tetrahedral dimple design. Besides having astonishing distance and superb durability, Titleist Pro V1X also promotes unprecedented controllability. Once it hits the green, the time it needs to completely stop is very much shorter compared to Titleist NXT Tour. Combined with the superior distances it can reach, it gives you the best control over the ball!

- Exceptional distance
- Commanding short game spin and control
- Consistent flight
- Extraordinary Distance
- Drop-and-Stop Short Game Control
- Long-Lasting Durability

NXT Tour Vs Pro V1X
Titleist NXT Tour is a good low-cost choice. The golf ball gives a good degree of control to the player. However, for the best, uncompromised performance, you should choose Titleist Pro V1X! It has awesome distance and stopping control. It can help you achieve more consistent plays.

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