OptiShot Golf Simulator Review: The World’s Best Golf Simulator

So, it is raining, and it is cold outside. The course is closed. And, even more, the harsh, cold winter is approaching. How can we still play golf when the weather is not friendly? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just play golf at home, hitting balls indoors and with our own golf clubs? You can just spare a single room dedicated to playing and practicing golf, just like what the pros have done. They convert their basements into swing studios for training.

OptiShot Golf Simulator Review The World’s Best Golf Simulator

If you think that golf simulators are extravagant toys for millionaires, you may revise that thinking. Not all golf simulators are expensive and unrealistic. What we are talking about is the OptiShot Golf Simulator. OptiShot Golf Simulator is a golf simulator that costs just about five hundred dollars, making it an excellent budget-friendly alternative from those lavish simulators costing thousands of bucks. However, is a simulator that comes at such an affordable price to be any good? Well, honestly, OptiShot Golf Simulator is even considered as the world’s number one golf simulator by the majority of people!

OptiShot Golf Simulator is a golf simulator that will allow you to play rounds of the digital versions of real courses. OptiShot Golf Simulator also has swing tracking capabilities. It tracks and measures the club (not the ball) using two sets of infrared sensors, firing roughly 10,000 pulses per second. With such high frequency, it is able to deliver quite accurate results. It records all the most important data, including path, distance, clubhead speed, and face angle. The information is relatively limited, indeed, but should be sufficient for analyzing performance and predicting accurately where the ball is going to.

OptiShot Golf Simulator comes with a total of 15 courses. This is a pretty large collection. Even if you get bored with all the fifteen courses, you can also purchase additional courses. There are many additional courses available, and each can be previewed first before purchase. In the preview mode, you can try a course for up to three times. That is very cool; you will actually know what you are purchasing.

- The World's #1 Golf Simulator now for Mac or PC - Use your own clubs to hit real or foam golf balls - Play and practice on world-famous courses

Take care with the mat. Chances are you are going to be surprised by the weight. The mat is pretty heavy, and it feels sturdy and durable enough to take a beating. The manufacturer recommends that you use the golf simulator in a room with a minimal height of 8.5 feet, but, if you want to stress every swing you make, you may want to make sure that your room is at least 9-ft high. The set-up is very easy and quick. You just need to plug it into your computer, and it works. You then just need to calibrate your clubs in order to get the most accurate results.

One great thing about OptiShot Golf Simulator is that it can take any club, either a driver, wedge, or putter. The bundle includes two foam practice balls, which are the best choices if you are concerned about accidentally breaking the ceiling with your hit. However, it can also work with real balls, if you insist, and it can also work without a ball. The software, although appearing kind of old-fashioned, is fully functional and easy to understand. OptiShot Golf Simulator also manages to calculate every hit very accurately. You will find it registering your usual swing path and distance.

Specifications of OptiShot Golf Simulator
What’s Included:
OptiShot2 Infrared Optical Swing Pad
Adjustable Rubber Tee’s
2 Foam Practice Balls
USB Cable (10 ft.)
OptiShot2 Software (Download)
Software Updates
1-4 Players
Can be played with real golf balls, foam balls, or no balls at all.
Compatible with any real clubs, drivers, wedges, and putters.
Simple USB Connection
Track and Analyze Swing
Driving Range
15 Course included
Connect to HDTV or Projector
Minimum System Requirements:
USB 2.0 port
3GB Hard Disk Drive Storage
Internet connection for software updates, online play, and Platinum course delivery
Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (the latest service packs)
Graphics Card with at least 256MB available Adapter RAM, OpenGL 2.0 support, and the latest video drivers
Mac OS X 10.8
Intel Core 2 Duo
Intel Iris Pro or ATI Radeon™ HD 2600 or NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT

Pros of OptiShot Golf Simulator
– Can be used for training, thanks to the Track and Analyze Swing feature
– Play golf regardless of weather
– Can be played multiplayer online
– Continual software updates
– Compatible with any ball and any club

Price of OptiShot Golf Simulator
Check the best price of OptiShot Golf Simulator here!

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