Ping G20 Vs G25

Ping has been loved by many golf players all around the world. The manufacturer is very much well-known for producing high-quality golf drivers and equipment. Now, if you are looking for a good deal of a set of drivers, you are most probably considering to get either Ping G20 or Ping G25 right now. Both of these two are seemingly identical, though you may have noticed some subtle differences between the two. In addition, Ping G25 is also a little bit more expensive compared to Ping G20. So, which is the one that you should choose? Let’s find out below.


In terms of construction, Ping G20 and Ping G25 are identical to each other. They both are iron steel drivers. Even so, they have been designed a little bit differently from each other. This is especially most noticeable in some measurements. Also, if you put these two drivers side by side, you can then see that Ping G25 has a thinner sole and top line. As the effect, some people may sometimes call it to be ‘anorexic-looking’. Those people indeed have a point. With the width of the heel to toe seemingly almost too much compared to the thinner top line, it is kind of off-looking. On the other hand, Ping G20 comes with a fat bottom. Having a fatter body, Ping G20 promotes a relatively more proportional overall size and looks.

So, how about the performance? In terms of performance, Ping G20 and Ping G25 are virtually similar to each other. On paper, Ping G25 should be better than Ping G20 due to having less body mass, being a little bit lighter and more precise, but in real usage, the two perform very similarly. As a matter of fact, some people actually feel more comfortable using Ping G20. This is because the bigger body tends to give you more confident in your every hit. The visual offset gives you more comfort and snug feeling. The bigger body makes you believe that you can’t miss. On the other hand, Ping G25’s slim design, besides making the driver not exactly good-looking, also can make you less confident and more cautious with your hit.

- Steel
- Ping G20 Right-Handed Iron Set Steel Regular
- Steel
- Ping G25 Right-Handed Iron Set Steel Regular

Ping G20 Vs G25
So, should you go with Ping G20 or Ping G25? Since they actually have similar performance, it comes down to your personal preference. However, you may prefer Ping G20 for the bigger design that can give you better confidence.

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