Ping G25 Irons VS Mizuno JPX 825


Ping G25 irons and Mizuno JPX 825 are popular game improvement irons among beginners and high handicap golf players. Ping G25 irons are praised for the superior ball flight and the exceptional forgiveness, making them the go-to when one is looking for an iron set that is easy to play. On the other hand, Mizuno JPX 825 is praised for the excellent feel and performance. So, should you go with Ping G25 irons or Mizuno JPX 825? Below, read the detailed differences and comparisons between these two models.


Ping G25 irons come with various game improvement technologies for high trajectory, distance, and extreme forgiveness, all combined in a sleek and confident head. The custom-engineered face structure ensures solid feel and control, and the progressive sole widths help in optimizing the CG (center of gravity) for more accurate distance gapping. The custom tuning port (CTP) is integrated into the sole to reduce the mass and to position the CG for long launch and highly forgiving results. The CTP aligns directly to the impact area for a higher MOI, and the face support bars as well as low-toe weighting help in stabilizing the face to optimize the feel and ensure exceptional distance control.

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On the other hand, Mizuno JPX 825 comes with the Optimized MAX MOI Pocket cavity as well as the extreme toe/heel weighting to create an extremely large sweet area. The scientifically designed Harmonic Impact Technology guarantees superior solid sound and feel upon impact, and the multi-material electroform badge further enhances the feel and creates an aggressive styling. The Triple Cut sole design has been specifically designed for improved turf interaction. Compared to Ping G25 irons, Mizuno JPX 825 has smaller offset, thinner top line, and shorter blade length from heel to toe, making it appear less like a game improvement iron.


If you want to prioritize distance and forgiveness, then Ping G25 irons should be your choice. Compared to Mizuno JPX 825, Ping G25 irons are quite more forgiving, allowing slight mistakes to still deliver straight shots. Ping G25 irons also help in achieving longer distances. However, if you are quite confident with your skill, then you can choose Mizuno JPX 825. The issue with Ping G25 irons is the dead sound at impact. Mizuno JPX 825’s sound and feel are much better. The turf interaction of Mizuno JPX 825 is also awesome, very smooth and fluid.

Ping G25 Irons

  • Steel
  • Ping G25 Right-Handed Iron Set Steel Regular


Mizuno JPX 825

  • Triple Cut sole design for ideal turf interaction from and lie on the course
  • Multi-material electroform badge to further enhance feel and deliver aggressive styling.



For beginners and high handicap players, then Ping G25 irons can be a better help for you. They are highly forgiving and offer great distance. However, Mizuno JPX 825 can be your choice if you prefer to have the superior feel.


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