RocketBladez Tour Review: Clean and Classy, Forgiving Tour Irons

After the success with the regular RocketBladez iron set, TaylorMade is quite bold by introducing the tour version of it in RocketBladez Tour. Compared to the standard version, RocketBladez Tour is different because there is almost no offset and the top line and head are more compact. As the result, the RocketBladez Tour irons are much closer to the traditional head size, suitable for the better players. The #4 and #5 irons may be a little bit scary to high handicap players, but they would be awesome in the hands of a skilled player. Get to know better about Taylormade RocketBladez Tour below.

RocketBladez Tour Review

Even though the original RocketBladez has an excellent performance suitable for all golfers, the slight offset and thicker top line are not exactly nice for someone who has grown up getting used to the typical forged irons. Therefore, the manufacturer has finally decided to come up with a tour version that resembles a traditional head size more. The result is the RocketBladez Tour irons, which are noticeably slimmer, with more compact top line and overall head size. Of course, RocketBladez Tour is still coming with the speed pocket that functions to enhance the ball flight and maximize the ball speed for the best distance. RocketBladez Tour ensures consistent distances with all irons in the set. This feat is made possible by carefully managing the speed pocket on each iron and improving the inverted cone shape for higher MOA. The weight has been strategically redistributed to the lower center of the CG, allowing for a higher launch angle and a higher peak trajectory.

The feel and sound throughout the entire set are much better than the standard version. RocketBladez Tour irons are much easier to shape. The original RocketBladez irons are famous for the incredible forgiveness and consistency. RocketBladez Tour still manages to deliver decent consistency, but the forgiveness level has been quite reduced due to the smaller head size than the original. Because of this, RocketBladez Tour irons are much more suitable for low handicap and experienced players rather than beginners and high handicap players.

Another notable feature is that RocketBladez Tour irons are able to provide higher ball speeds and lower spin rates than the original RocketBladez irons. The combination of the higher ball speeds and lower spin rates creates consistently increased distance. However, again, this is only possible if you can hit the sweet spot properly. If you can’t hit the sweet spot consistently, you may need a larger head size; in other word, get the original RocketBladez irons.

- Maximum speed and flight enhancement technology in the 3- through 7-iron: the speed pocket promotes consistently high ball speed and distance

As a low handicap player, you definitely should try both the standard RocketBladez and the RocketBladez Tour irons to see which one suit you better. If you can’t hit the sweet spot consistently, you may need a larger head size and a more forgiving iron. But, if you are quite confident with your skill, RocketBladez Tour can give you enhanced qualities, with better ball speed, higher launch, and improved distance.

Specifications of RocketBladez Tour
• Maximum speed with flight enhancement in the #3 through #7 irons: the speed pocket consistently ensures high ball speed and distance
• Consistent distance with every iron, possible by carefully managing the speed pocket, improved inverted cone shape, and high MOA
• Strategically redistributed weight to the lower and center of the CG location, promoting a higher peak trajectory, higher launch angle, and a steep hit
• Golfer Mens
• Handicap Range Low
• Hand Availability Left or Right
• Shaft Flex X Stiff, Stiff, Regular
• Material Steel
• Shaft Steel
• Set Makeup #4 – #9, PW
• Additional Clubs 3, AW

Pros of RocketBladez Tour
– Clean and classy design
– Suitable for tour players
– High launch, great ball speed and distance
– Highly forgiving to minor flaws in your hits

Price of RocketBladez Tour
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