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Scotty Cameron Newport Vs Newport 2.5

Titleist has produced several different models for the Scotty Cameron Newport series. With these different models, many golfers can find the one that suits their swing characteristics best. However, people who are new to these putters often get confused about what actually the differences are between the available models. Hence, in the following article, we are going to compare Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2.5 to help you determine which one is the best for your need and preference. Continue reading!

Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2.5

There are several notable distinctions between Scotty Cameron Newport and Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 in terms of design. The iconic Scotty Cameron Newport has a clean topline. The perfectly sculpted metallic curves are softer and rounder, creating a more compact heel-to-toe profile. Furthermore, the most noticeable difference is the full-shaft offset.

On the other hand, Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 features an angular, low-profile stance. The most significant difference is the offset. Instead of the full-shaft offset and the view of the plumbing neck from address, Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 gives you a ¾-shaft offset. It enables you to see the full length of the topline so that you can aim the putter to hit the ball more easily.

Both of these two models feature 303 stainless steel heads. Both have 3.5-degree loft and 70-degree lie. Both models are available 33”, 34”, and 35” lengths. You can also ask for a custom design. There are ½” RH lengths available, whereas the custom left ranges from -1 degree to +1 degree while the custom lie ranges from -2 degree to +2 degree.

Both models are also built using Titleist’s new inlay technology, which has been performance-tuned to deliver a soft yet solid feel. The stainless steel body is infused with a vibration-dampening membrane. The inlay goes from the sole to the topline.

Take a look : Scotty Cameron Newport Vs Newport 2.

We have seen the differences in terms of design. But how do Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2.5 compare in terms of performance? Interestingly, both of these two models perform very well. In the end, it comes down to your personal preference about which one that you feel easier to align.

By design, Scotty Cameron Newport has a heel-and-toe weighted blade that is enhanced by a flowing, tiered pocket. There is nothing sharp to make the eye caught on. However, the precision-milled sight line located in the flange can provide a mild assistance to enhance your alignment. If you’ve been used to full-shaft offsets, it will feel good.

On the other hand, Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 only has a ¾-shaft offset, so it is generally easier to align. You can see the full length of the topline sidling up next to the ball for a simpler view. Its built-in toe flow promotes a smooth and arcing stroke.

- Multi-material technology
- Soft but solid feel
- Modern aesthetics
- Balance and forgiveness
- Enhanced alignment options
- Shape: Blade with longer Newport 2 profile
- Available in 33", 34" and 35"
- Flange alignment system
- Short flare neck
- Authorized Titleist Golf Dealer

If you prefer a putter with a full-shaft offset, Scotty Cameron Newport is the way to go. This model feels great. However, if you prefer a ¾-shaft offset, you should choose Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5. It is generally easier to align because you can see the full length of the topline. It delivers a smooth, arcing stroke.

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