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SkyCaddie Watch Vs Garmin S3

In order to achieve your best performance, a compact GPS rangefinder can help you on the course without disturbing your movement. A GPS rangefinder can help you determine the distance to the green so that you can estimate how to hit the ball. If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable GPS rangefinder, you can consider SkyCaddie Watch and Garmin S3. Both are popular models on the market, with the Garmin S3 standing at a slightly higher price point than SkyCaddie Watch. Both are designed as watches, allowing you to bring them easily to the course. So, what’s the difference between SkyCaddie Watch and Garmin S3, and which is the better model for the money?

SkyCaddie Watch Vs Garmin S3

SkyCaddie Watch is only available in one color, black, with a yellow bezel surrounding the display screen as well as a yellow main button and yellow font. Compared to Garmin S3, SkyCaddie Watch is slightly bigger, as the GPS watch features a wider display screen. On the other hand, Garmin S3 is available in two color choices, white and black. It is quite smaller and slimmer, making it somewhat more portable and comfortable to wear, but at the cost that the display is also narrower. Both models are waterproof.

Battery Life
Both models are working on rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, but SkyCaddie Watch can last much longer than Garmin S3 per every charge. SkyCaddie Watch has a battery life of up to one year in the watch mode, and up to 10 hours in the GPS mode. On the other hand, Garmin S3 can only offer up to 4 weeks of battery life in the watch mode, 8 hours in the GPS mode.

Both models are easily readable under the sunlight, but Garmin S3 has a nice additional feature that lets you select whether to have the numbers black on a white background or the numbers white on a black background. Both models come with over 30,000 pre-loaded courses from all over the world.

Both models have similar basic functions such as time and date, current hole number, par for the current hole, yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green, shot distance measure, and a digital scorecard. Both also have a built-in odometer and round timer. However, Garmin S3 offers advanced golf features such as the green view that shows the true shape and layout of the green, and the layup distances for layups, doglegs, and custom yardage points. On the other hand, SkyCaddie Watch offers multi-sport functionality for running, biking, and walking.

- Enjoy golf's most reliable and accurate course maps from around the world
- The SkyCaddie GPS Watch's athletic styling offers a flexible
- The SkyCaddie GPS Watch features digital scoring, backlight, alarm, stopwatch, measures any shot distance
- Water resistant, GPS golf watch with 1-inch monochrome LCD touchscreen
- Preloaded with over 29,500 worldwide courses
- Course preview (see detailed, hole-by-hole preview)

In general, Garmin S3 is more recommended because of the better golf features and adjustable display. The green view is very useful for

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