Srixon Soft Feel Review: Great Distance Ball with Softer Feel

Modern technologies have successfully blurred the line separating tour balls that are typically soft and distance balls that are typically hard. Srixon Soft Feel is one good example. Despite being primarily a distance ball, it has a soft feel on it that makes it an attractive choice for a wider range of golf players. The sophisticated design has allowed the ball to have great controllability as well, allowing you to optimize your every shot. However, it may not give you the gargantuan distances if you don’t swing your club over 110 mph, so it is not exactly the best distance ball if you can’t generate such speed.

Srixon Soft Feel Review

Srixon Soft Feel is a two-piece golf ball, meaning that it has just one core and one cover layer. Many golf balls today are three-piece balls, and the extra layer is indeed useful to allow the designers to make more precise adjustments and customizations. However, that does not necessarily mean that a two-piece golf ball is outdated. In fact, a two-piece golf ball like Srixon Soft Feel can be your choice if you prefer a more affordable choice that is just as reliable.

With just two construction layers, Srixon Soft Feel becomes lighter and softer than a typical distance ball. The lightweight nature helps the ball to gain more distance. Srixon Soft Feel is equipped with the soft, low-compression Energetic Gradient Growth Core. This advanced core construction has been designed to allow seamless energy transfer from the hit to the core in order to optimize the ball performance, maximizing speed and distance on every shot. The softer feel on the core ensures enhanced control and accuracy without sacrificing distance. However, as mentioned above, the soft core requires you to hit the ball at high speed in order to truly launch it.

Srixon Soft Feel has an ionomer cover that is softer and thinner. The cover is barely 0.063” thick, and has a hardness rating of 57. The soft feel is loved by most golf players because it gives more control and accuracy. It also makes you feel better and more confident with your hits.

- Softer, lower compression core - the new soft feel's energetic Gradient growth core is 60 compression - Softer, thinner cover

If you manage to generate high swing speed, you will find the ball launching incredibly far. Otherwise, the distance will not be any more significant than a regular golf ball. Therefore, Srixon Soft Feel is more suitable for heavy hitters and low handicap players. The accuracy and control is decent. The sound and feel at impact are also decent. Truth to be told, Srixon Soft Feel is pretty durable, but it is definitely not the most durable golf ball available on the market. Which is understandable, considering the two-piece construction and even thinner cover. On the side of the golf ball, you can find an alignment aid that can be handy for adjusting the ball position and your swing.

Specifications of Srixon Soft Feel
Generates softer feel and more greenside spin on all chips, pitches, and putts.
Softer feel on every full shot without sacrificing any of the incredible distance and accuracy from the tee to the green.
An advanced core construction that promotes seamless energy transfer in order to optimize ball performance and maximize distance on every shot.

Pros of Srixon Soft Feel
– Huge distance especially on a high driver speed
– Nice soft feel
– Useful alignment aid on the side of the ball
– Decent control
– Relatively affordable and budget-friendly

Price of Srixon Soft Feel
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