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Swingbyte 2 Review: Track Your Performance, Improve Your Playing

When the original Swingbyte appeared at the 2012 PGA Show, it quickly became so popular. Any golfer certainly values such a lightweight swing analyzer that is capable of providing robust data, including the full 360-degree view of your swings. Since then, a lot of products had been released, trying to mimic the superiority of Swingbyte, but the original Swingbyte still managed to stand out from the crowd and continually exceeded people’s expectations.

Swingbyte 2 Review Track Your Performance, Improve Your Playing

However, the company has managed to surprise the market once again with Swingbyte 2. This updated model of the original Swingbyte introduces new, redesigned hardware as well as updated mobile apps available for both iOS and Android. The companion apps are free to download on the iOS and Android app stores. And, it is still available in a relatively affordable price range, making it a perfect choice not only for professionals but also beginners trying to improve their performance.

If you already has the original Swingbyte and you are now wondering if you should get the new Swingbyte 2, the answer is yes. Compared to the original model, Swingbyte 2 is a lot more reliable. The main issue with the original model is that the design has a minor flaw which requires the user to frequently adjust the alignment on the shaft. However, Swingbyte 2 is coming with a new wrap-around design that effectively eliminates any possible rotation, at the same time making it compatible with just any club, driver, and putter.

We all know that, in order to be effective, swing analyzers don’t need to be cool-looking and such, but Swingbyte 2 is visually stunning. As mentioned above, the wrap-around design prevents the device from rotating after each shot by utilizing a new twist-resistant mechanism. Instead of a rubber strap like in the original, Swingbyte 2 is equipped with a spring-loaded latch and high-strength rubber. As the effect, it is easy to attach to any shaft, from graphite to steel, and it stays tightly in place. Testing the product on different conditions shows that Swingbyte 2 may shift only very slightly after numerous swings.

- Instant swing data on your smartphone or tablet - Attaches easily to any club in your bag, driver through putter - Weighs less than 1 ounce

The mobile apps have also undergone a redesign. Since the apps are free to download, you don’t actually need to purchase Swingbyte 2 in order to utilize the apps. You can actually use the new apps with the original Swingbyte. The device connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and the pairing process is simple and quick, just like the typical Bluetooth pairing procedure. The connection is very stable; users find no disconnect issues with the new hardware.

Before you can hit a shot, Swingbyte 2 will first require you to enter some club information, such as length, loft, lie, and flex. With the information as the basis, Swingbyte 2 can then provide accurate and well-calculated data. The user-interface is very neat, easy to understand. Through the app, you can access all your previous swings and even compare two swings together. You can view the swing data alone or the 3D swing path alone, or view them side-by-side. The latter display is very useful, as it will allow you to correlate the numbers with the real swing. This way, it becomes so much easier to analyze what and how to improve your performance.

Specifications of Swingbyte 2
5th Gen iPod Touch & later
iPad 2 & later
iPhone 5 & later
Honeycomb & later
ICS & later
Weighs less than one ounce.
Fits any club, driver, and putter.
Pairs to atablet or smartphone via Bluetooth.
Recharges via USB port.
A full 360-degree view of your swing
Your swing’s true plane from address to impact
Angle of attack and path
Face angle relative to swing path
Head speed and acceleration
Static and dynamic of loft and lie at address and impact
Swing Tempo
Advanced analytics
Full swing history, trends and development areas
Share swing data on Facebook
Video instructions and Tour data

Pros of Swingbyte 2
– The device is very compact and lightweight
– Can be used on any club, driver, and putter
– Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms
– Rich and accurate data with advanced analytics

Price of Swingbyte 2
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