Swingbyte 2 Vs 3Bays

Do you want to improve your golf skill? Do you want to train yourself to be a better golf player? One great way to train and improve your golf skill is by using a golf training device. Nowadays, there are many golf training devices on the market that are very easy and simple to use. Two of the most popular models are Swingbyte 2 and 3Bays GSA. So, what are the differences between Swingbyte 2 and 3Bays GSA? Which is the model that you better choose?

Swingbyte 2 vs 3Bays

Most swing analyzer devices are designed to be installed on the golf club, sending data wirelessly to a smartphone for the analysis and evaluation. Due to sticking to the club, such device should be as lightweight as possible. You don’t want the device to alter the weight of the club very much and cause confusion about how much effort that you need to put on the swing. Swingbyte 2 weighs under one ounce, making it quite lightweight not to cause any significant alteration. However, the size is pretty big. It needs to be attached to the shaft, just under the grip, with the indicator light upward and the logo downward.

On the other hand, though, 3Bays GSA is significantly lighter. It barely weighs 9 grams. It should be installed on the butt of the club, at the end of the grip. The device is very small and compact that you can easily put it in your pocket.

Both Swingbyte 2 and 3Bays GSA can work with iOS and Android platforms. Each has the respective mobile apps, through which you can see and analyze your swings. 3Bays GSA is able to capture the data of club head speed, face angle, swing path, tempo, and consistency. You can easily install it on the club of your friend who is a good golf player, then compare the data to your own. This way, you can easily evaluate the things that you need to improve.

Swingbyte 2 is able to record more data. It can record the club head speed, face to address, face to path, club path, plane angle, tempo, attack angle, and lie/loft/shaft lean at address and impact. You can easily share the records with your friends and to Facebook. Unfortunately, some users complained that the data are not very accurate. Apparently, this is because the device does not fit properly on the shaft; the looseness causes the device to move a little and captures inaccurate data.

- Instant swing data on your smartphone or tablet
- Attaches easily to any club in your bag, driver through putter
- Weighs less than 1 ounce
- Recharges via USB port
- Share swing data with your pro and on Facebook
- Shows angle of shaft when you strike the ball
- Illustrates the difference between your release point and optimal point
- Syncs with iPhone, androids, and iPad
- Sophisticated design
- Includes enhancements to old features and new features

We recommend you to choose 3Bays GSA. The design is compact, lightweight, portable, functional and effective. It is very simple to attach, and it fits very well to capture accurate data.

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