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The Importance of Golf Swing Analysis

There are a number of online as well as offline resources to learn more about golf. They tell you just how to attain full swing, appropriate grips and healing undesirable slice or hook. They educate you the ideal placing, brief game, as well as driving. You can pick up from them golf health and fitness, policies of golf, decorums of the game as well as mental game. Experiencing them will help you learn the subtleties of the game.

However, the problem is not simple as this. Initially, you need to be able to filter the valuable details from those that are not workable. Secondly, learning a good quantity of details will certainly not be of much usage unless you recognize how good your swing is and take the therapeutic steps to boost your golf swing in a systematic means.

There are no hidden secrets to hit excellent golf shots. You need to get the appropriate art of collaborating your physical motions to make sure that you can let them regulate the ball’s flight in the best means. This is everything about assessing as well as developing your golf swing.

Evaluating your golf swing and those of the professionals will let you know what is good and poor in a golf swing. Today there are a number of advanced golf swing analyzer devices that considerably relieve the procedure of golf swing analysis. The good golf swing analyzers you can think of are Swingbyte Golf Swing Analyzer and 3BAYS GSA PRO.

Swingbyte Golf Swing Analyzer


Swingbyte is a 3-D golf swing analyzer that can record the key metrics from a given golf swing in real time as well as promptly send the info and the graph of it to the player’s Android or Apple mobile phone. To get it working, you just need to power the gadget on and enable the Bluetooth of your phone et cetera is for you to use and appreciate. Most people regard swingbyte golf swing analyzer an extremely useful device as it allows golf enthusiasts see where their club is during various points of the swing.

Amazon deal 30% OFF SwingByte, so grab it prior to the rates go higher once again. SwingByte has actually simply launched the newer version of it’s flagship device and called SwingByte 2. It is offered currently on Amazon with relatively higher rate.

Swingbyte display screens:

  • A complete 360 level sight of your swing
  • Club head rate as well as velocity
  • Your club’s true aircraft from address to impact
  • Club face angle about swing course
  • Static as well as vibrant loft space as well as lie at address and effect
  • Angle of attack and club course
  • Swing Tempo

Affix swingbyte quickly to any type of club

  • Fits any club, vehicle driver via putter.
  • Pairs to your mobile phone or tablet computer through Bluetooth
  • Weighs less than one ounce
  • Recharges via USB port



3BAYS GSA PRO is the world’s lightest golf swing analyzer at one third of an ounce with a measurement of 1 × 1 inch. Its smart layout allow very easy set-up, basically, simply attach it throughout of the chauffeur or iron and also you’re done. The initiative motion radar is powered by innovative 3-axis accelerometer that transforms your swing to 10,000 digital signals to give the highest precision feasible.

All information recorded will be immediately transferred to your mobile phone through the integrated bluetooth adapter, so no wire are needed in contrast to various other analyzers. It works with iphone as well as Android as well as includes a totally free GSA Pro app. 3Bays is currently on sale for just $198.95 at Amazon. Go here for thorough testimonial of 3Bays GSA Pro.


  • At one third of an ounce, 3BaysGSA PRO is the world’s lightest golf swing analyzer, which fits completely to the end of golf club
  • Uses sophisticated sensing units to digitize swing activity and also deliver swing plane playback along with vital swing metrics to smartphone/tablet on GSA PRO application
  • Golfers can compare swing with their finest ones or trainers’ to make changes, therefore seek more powerful, exact and also regular swings

3Bays GSA Pro vs. SwingByte

The SkyPro, Swingbyte are actually the only brand names that stand as significant rivals to 3Bays GSA Pro, and so allow us take a look at exactly how they compare versus each other. 3Bays GSA is one of the most pricey one coming with $199.95, Swingbyte 2 is in the middle at $149.00.
Both are readily available for iOS and Android, however the 3Bays GSA is the only one that is affixed to the butt of the club.

The SwingByte is affixed on the shaft listed below the grip, which has a higher chance of upsetting your swing equilibrium. This comes to be particularly true when considering that the SwingByte regarding an ounce (pointer: 3Bays GSA Pro evaluates 9 grams only).

The data caught is where things obtain actually fascinating for the 3Bays GSA Pro: its 10,000 data capture points and also sophisticated activity capture innovation permit it to collect data at an extraordinary rate, as well as what’s even more, with unparalleled precision. In contrast to practically any other golf swing analyzer, the 3Bays GSA Pro might be the only that assures the information you are seeing holds true.


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