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Titleist AP1 Vs Callaway XR

Titleist AP1 and Callaway XR are excellent iron sets that often get compared against each other. Of course, these two models are in the same league, which is why people often get confused in choosing between the two. Both are known for their great forgiveness and distance. However, due to being a newer model in the market, Titleist AP1 is usually a little bit pricier than Callaway XR. So, which is the model that holds the most value for the money? Which is the best iron set that you should choose? Find the answer below.

Titleist AP1 vs Callaway XR

Design and Features
As the manufacturer put it, Titleist AP1 is for golfers who seek maximum forgiveness and maximum distance. These irons are definitely very good-looking. They are very thin, even thinner and slimmer than those from the Callaway XR iron set, and they are very pleasing to look at. The appearance alone can boost your confidence. But the strength of Titleist AP1 is not only about the look. These irons have been designed with sophisticated technologies to serve their purpose. There is an extreme 360-degree undercut cavity that creates a thin but large unsupported face. Such design on the face helps to increase speed and launch, both of which translate into increased distance. The high-density tungsten creates a low center of gravity with stronger lofts for enhanced launch. The high-density tungsten also moves weight to the perimeter, effectively increasing MOI and preserving ball speed on off-center hits – in other words, increased forgiveness.

Callaway XR has been designed with different technologies, but the aims are the same: enhanced forgiveness and distance. It features a two-piece construction with a dual heat treatment for precise, meticulous craftsmanship. It features the Internal Standing Wave technology, which lowers the center of gravity, increases MOI, and allows the face to flex for better ball speed. The unique technology transforms the face into a spring at impact, enhancing ball speed and distance.

Comparing the performance levels of these two models can be quite difficult. Both are very forgiving. But Titleist AP1 is slightly more forgiving than Callaway XR on off-center hits. The sweet spot on Titleist AP1 is seemingly wider, allowing you to hit the ball more easily. Many users are satisfied by Titleist AP1 because of the superb forgiveness. On the other hand, though, Callaway XR seems to send the ball with a slightly higher speed. This indicates that the flexible spring-like face is indeed effective in increasing ball speed.

- More carry distance from higher launching, low center of gravity long irons and compact, flatter launching short irons.
- Increased forgiveness from the deep, undercut, dual cavity design with high density tungsten weighting.
- Revolutionary Ball Speed From Cup 360Our improved face cup technology even acts like a spring on shots hit low on the face to increase ball speeds
- Lower CG, More MOI and Ball Speed The Internal Standing Wave is the ultimate team player; It's refined the way that we lower CG

Titleist AP1 is generally more recommended because of the better forgiveness and stylish, elegant design. Callaway XR is also a nice choice, considering the slightly better ball speed and distance, but it is not as forgiving.

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