Titleist DT TruSoft vs Callaway Supersoft


Titleist DT TruSoft vs Callaway Supersoft [Review & Comparison]

Titleist is the # 1 ball in golf, however a variety of various other makers are doing their ideal to take over the leading area. Callaway is among the front runners and also their most current golf ball lineup is an impressive one. The Titleist DT TruSoft and also the Callaway Supersoft are two excellent quality golf balls that will certainly be a welcome enhancement to the bag of any amateur golfer

The DT TruSoft as well as the Supersoft are two high quality golf balls that delivers in regards to both range and greenside control. As opposed to leaping to final thoughts let’s identify that the real victor is by examining as well as contrasting these 2 golf rounds based on range, sturdiness, greenside control and really feel, as well as rate.

Titleist DT TruSoft Review



  • The DT TruSoft is a reduced compression golf ball, amateurs will certainly have the ability to compress it effortlessly in order to maximize range
  • The durable TruFlex cover of the DT TruSoft is very soft and provides high short game spin
  • The reduced compression core of the DT Trusoft reduces long video game spin which in return takes full advantage of range
  • The DT TruSoft is available in a white or optic yellow option
  • The DT TruSoft includes an affordable price tag


  • Players with above ordinary swing speeds will be much better off making use of a mid/high compression golf round rather


When you hear words Titleist and golf round in the very same sentence you usually think about either the Pro V1 or the Pro V1X. The Titleist golf ball line-up prolongs past the Pro V1 variety as well as their DT TruSoft golf round is worthy of lugging the Titleist name. The DT TruSoft is a top quality inexpensive golf ball that supplies extraordinary soft feel around the eco-friendlies.

The DT TruSoft is the softest golf ball in the Titleist line-up, it features a long lasting TruFlex cover which creates maximum spin on wedge shots in order to make certain exceptional greenside control. The DT TruSoft uses more than just greenside control, it likewise delivers maximum distance. The all brand-new TruTouch reduced compression core of the DT TruSoft maximizes distance by reducing long video game spin.

The DT TruSoft is a wind resistant reduced compression golf round that will certainly be a welcome addition to the bag of any amateur golf player with a mid/low swing speed.

Callaway Supersoft Review



  • The new core included in the Supersoft is very simple to compress, the outcome is optimum spin rates which ensures optimum range
  • Distance is also enhanced in the Supersoft with the help of its HEX dimple style. This aerodynamic dimple style decreases drag as well as enhances lift, this guarantees optimum bring distance
  • The resilient Tri-onomer cover system of the Supersoft is undoubtedly extremely soft and also it promotes exceptional greenside control as well as feel
  • This low compression golf ball is simple to compress, players with sluggish swing rates will certainly have the ability to maximize the performance of this golf ball effortlessly
  • The Supersoft is supplied in a host of different color choices
  • The Supersoft is a good value for cash golf ball with an inexpensive cost


  • The Supersoft may not be the most effective fit for players with a medium/fast swing rate


The Callaway Supersoft is a top quality economical golf round that supplies in all of the categories. The Supersoft features a ultra low compression core, this reduced compression core delivers both range as well as control. The low compression core maximizes spin rates which in return makes certain maximum range. Distance is even more improved with the help of Callaway’s aerodynamic HEX dimple pattern.

The resilient Tri-onomer cover of the Supersoft provides remarkable soft feeling as well as greenside control. The Supersoft is available in a selection of different shade as well as pattern choices and the best component is its very budget-friendly price tag.

The Supersoft is among the best if not the best low compression golf balls for players with slow swing rates currently offered on the market.

Titleist DT TruSoft vs. Callaway Supersoft


Golf enthusiasts are always seeking to strike the golf ball a little bit further, extra distance is particularly beneficial off of the tee. The Titleist DT TruSoft and also the Callaway Supersoft both feature distance boosting innovation. Both golf rounds have low compression cores as well as aerodynamic layouts that enhance range.

The ultra low compression core of the Supersoft is extremely easy to press which makes the most of efficiency. Gamers with slow-moving swing speeds will truly appreciate this golf ball, the Supersoft is the clear victor distant group.

Greenside control and also feel

Golf is about getting the golf ball in the hole, keeping that being claimed it is necessary to play with a golf ball that offers great greenside control as well as feel.

The DT TruSoft and the Supersoft golf balls both include soft cover systems and also reduced compression cores which delivers soft feeling and greenside control. The greenside control as well as feel competition is a connection in between these soft reduced compression golf rounds.


Resilience is an essential variable to consider when purchasing a golf ball. The TruFlex cover system of the DT TruSoft is made out of ionomer, this material is really durable and also it also ensures soft feel. The Supersoft cover system is constructed of a trionomer, this material ensures a really long lasting cover that uses a phenomenal soft feeling.

Both of these golf balls feature top quality cover systems, the trionomer cover system of the Supersoft is slightly more advanced, this makes certain success for the Supersoft in the durability match.


New golf balls can be costly, both the Supersoft as well as the DT TruSoft attribute economical cost. The Supersoft retails at a somewhat reduced rate point, yet this little cost distinction should not be a choosing variable.

Final thought

Titleist DT TruSoft vs Callaway Supersoft: And the winner is …

The head to head battle between the DT TruSoft and the Supersoft was a really close experience. Both of these low compression golf rounds include styles that promote distance as well as good greenside control as well as feel.

After a thorough evaluation as well as contrast picking a winner was no very easy task yet the ultra-low compression core of the Supersoft gave it the winning edge in this battle. This low compression golf round is very simple to press. Gamers with slow-moving swing rates are able to take full advantage of efficiency easily as well as the inexpensive Supersoft will certainly make a positive influence on any kind of beginners video game.

Do not hesitate to provide either of these golf balls a try, at the end of the day you have to have fun with the golf ball that works finest for your video game.


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