Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Ball VS Velocity Golf Ball

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Titleist Velocity Golf Ball



Titleist Velocity golf ball provides quick first ball rate on all full speed shots for explosive distance while providing playable feeling in the short game. The unique LSX core produces high preliminary round speed for more power off the tee and shorter method shots right into the green. The innovative spherically tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design supplies an extra passing through trajectory with a shallower angle of descent for much more roll.


With the expectations provided by Titleist, it was not surprising to experience reliable outcomes off the tee with the Velocity golf ball. The Velocity ball executed relatively comparable to a few of the lower spin tour models, without too much spin or flaring on bad strikes specifically when using the driver or woods. This efficiency was kept via a majority of the clubs in the bag, with somewhat diminishing outcomes as the swing speed and Velocity ball speed reduced.

The secondary benefit to the Velocity golf ball is the very durable cover system. During the screening experience, various rounds could be had fun with the very same ball without any major flaws, cuts, or aspects that would reduce the wind resistant quality of the ball. In several situations, covers that are extremely long lasting lack authentic responsiveness, however there stays quality responses as well as mashable contact quality on the lower lofted clubs when striking the Titleist Velocity golf ball.

Despite the superb range retention and cover longevity, the expense of the profile appears to be in the greenside spin between full speed wedges as well as closing in on the green from there. Many scenario where exceptional offerings would introduce rotate on green get in touch with, the Velocity ball seemed to lack that genuine ‘bite’ as well as would carry on or bounce even more than anticipated.

DT TruSoft Soft Ball



New Titleist DT TruSoft golf balls gives exceptionally soft feeling on every shot. Titleist new research delivered extremely low spin in the long game for impressive distance along with short game playability. DT TruSoft modern technology results in the best combination of really soft compression feel as well as the regular performance you get out of Titleist.


Titleist golf ball is the lowest price ball. The DT TruSoft introduces a wonderful balance of feeling due to the reduced compression, however likewise lowered spin in the longer clubs without endangering greenside responsiveness. The objective for Titleist is to give a golf ball with incredibly soft comments without the decreasing returns of balls lunging onward upon green contact, and they have actually certainly closed the gap with the most recent DT offering.

Comparable to the Velocity, the cover wear gets on the higher end of assumptions. The DT TruSoft can be played conveniently for a round or longer without any uncommon cuts or gouges that would negatively influence playability, which really includes in the overall value of the ball.

Being the lowest compression Titleist golf ball readily available, it came at little shock to like the DT TruSoft around the greens, particularly when putting. There is a wonderful contact feeling that extends from putter to driver, and reacts well with contact quality. This presents a slight decrease in overall driver distance as compared to the Velocity, yet slightly boosted greenside response to produce an effectively rounded option.

Around the green, the DT TruSoft takes care of some of the assumptions of various spin based golf shots, nevertheless it still does not measure against the NXT or ProV1 offerings, which should come with little shock taking into consideration the limited spin on full speeds as the golfer heads towards driver.

Final thought

The DT TruSoft as well as Velocity are two outstanding bargain golf ball offerings offered by Titleist for 2020, with various aspects that make them attract attention against each other as well as their competition. They fit well among the other offerings from Titleist, as well as help to guarantee golf enthusiasts are getting specifically the type of golf ball they need to succeed. For more details on the DT TruSoft or Velocity, go to www.Titleist.com.


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