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Titleist DT Trusoft Vs Velocity

Titleist is a well-known name in the golf industry. The company has produced various high-quality golf balls and clubs that many people love. In the following article, we have Titleist DT Trusoft vs Velocity to compare. These two Titleist golf balls are very much loved by many people, and they both have positive reviews. So, what is the difference between Titleist DT Trusoft and Titleist Velocity? In what ways do they differ? Which one is the most suitable golf ball for you? See the comparisons below.

Titleist DT Trusoft Vs Velocity

Titleist DT Trusoft and Titleist Velocity are two very different golf balls. They are even constructed by using different materials and technologies. After all, these two golf balls are designed for different effects and purposes.

Just like what the name suggests, Titleist DT Trusoft is a soft golf ball – pretty much like the more expensive Callaway Chrome Soft vs Pro V1. It features a low compression core that is also the softest core that the company produces. The core is optimized to provide very low spin for significantly increased distance on the long game. Furthermore, it is equipped with a soft pure ionomer cover to be consistent with the softness and to enhance the short game performance. The dimple pattern has been designed to provide consistent flight in any condition.

On the other hand, Titleist Velocity is a fast golf ball that can fly at high speeds. It features the LSX core, which is relatively bigger than the typical core. The increased size contributes to creating higher ball speeds and longer distances in all shots. The cover is the thin NaZ2 for high launch and stopping power. It has a spherical 328-tetahedral dimple design to create a soaring flight to maximize the distance.

Obviously, these two golf balls have very different feels. Titleist DT Trusoft is much softer. If you are the type of golfer who prefers a soft ball, that’s great. It doesn’t give a huge popping sound on the hit, but it feels nice nonetheless. On the other hand, people who prefer a more solid golf ball will want to choose Titleist Velocity.

One of the nice benefits that Titleist DT Trusoft offers is the excellent greenside spin. Although it doesn’t really compare to the more expensive and pro balls, it still has decent greenside spin. The flight is good, and the ball speed is good. Of course, compared to Titleist Velocity, the distance is not as great.

On the other hand, Titleist Velocity is a responsive golf ball. It really soars through the air in a penetrating trajectory. The speed and distance are awesome. However, the greenside spin is not as good. When hitting the green, it lacks the ‘bite’ and tends to bounce further than expected rather than spinning.

- The dimple pattern maximizes distance for golfers on every shot and provides consistent ball flight in all conditions
- The fast, low compression core is the softest core Titleist manufactures, providing very low spin on long game shots for impressive distance
- The softest pure ionomer cover made by Titleist delivers exceptional soft feel and reliable short game playability
- Explosive initial Velocity for powerful distance
- Low long game spin
- Soaring flight for remarkable carry and roll

DT Trusoft and Velocity are two very different golf balls. Depending on your playing style and preference, you will prefer one over the other. If you want to get a soft golf ball with decent greenside spin, choose Titleist DT Trusoft. If you prefer a more solid ball with superb speed and distance, choose Titleist Velocity.

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