Top Flite Gamer Vs Pro V1

Confused in choosing between Top Flite Gamer and Titleist Pro V1? For quite some time, Titleist Pro V1 has become one of the most loved golf balls in the market. The soft feel, combined with the consistent flight, penetrating trajectory, and greenside control, is loved by many golfers from different skill ranges. However, Top Flite Gamer has just recently been introduced into the field and has gained lots of attention. So, how does Top Flite Gamer compare to Titleist Pro V1? Can the newcomer beat the old master of the field?

Top Flite Gamer vs Pro V1

Design and Features
Titleist Pro V1 has been designed to provide a long distance through a penetrating trajectory with consistent flight. It is also engineered to provide superior greenside control. The core inside the golf ball is the Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core, which aims to create a longer distance in every shot by reducing spin and increasing speed. It is enveloped in a thin, responsive ionomeric casing layer and the soft urethane elastomer cover. It is very soft, yet highly durable. It sports the 352 tetrahedral dimple design that promotes consistent ball flight. (Read also: Titleist Velocity Vs Pro V1)

On the other hand, Top Flite Gamer claims to be able to deliver more distance even with slow ball speed. It is designed with a three-piece low compression construction, featuring a low compression, high resiliency core sophisticatedly crafted to provide longer distance at slower speeds. There is also the Custom DuPont HPF mantle layer that reduces spin, and a soft yet durable cover. It features the unique 332 Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics technology that helps to maximize flight and distance.

Comparing the performance of both golf balls, the most noticeable difference is that the Top Flite Gamer has significantly even better accuracy and consistency than the already great Titleist Pro V1. Top Flite Gamer has incredible precision and control, giving you the ultimate edge to hit more fairways than ever and score better. The shots are crisp and clean, and the sound at impact is good. However, the distance of Top Flite Gamer is indeed not as great as Titleist Pro V1, though the difference is just 3 – 5 yards on average.

- Explosive distance, tour-like spin and feel
- Advanced distance technology - 332 Dimple in Dimple™ Aerodynamics
- Conforms to USGA regulations
12 pack
- Exceptional distance
- Softer Feel
- 1 Ball on Worldwide Tours
- Long Lasting Durability

Top Flite Gamer is certainly an excellent choice for the money; the improved accuracy is invaluable. However, if you have been used to Titleist Pro V1 and you don’t want to give up some distance, you can stick with Titleist Pro V1.

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