Top Flite XL Vs Wilson Ultra

For a beginner, choosing the right set of golf clubs suitable for your skill level is essential. It is not impossible, but it can be tremendously difficult for a beginner to jump straight to using advanced golf clubs. A golf club for beginners should be easy to hit, yet allowing you to familiarize yourself with the right techniques and methods. Both Top Flite and Wilson have introduced golf club sets for beginners. Both Top Flite XL XL and Wilson Ultra are popular sets with lots of positive reviews from the users. So, which set should you choose to start with?

Top Flite XL vs Wilson Ultra

Top Flite XL
Top Flite XL is a complete set of 13 golf clubs. The set includes a driver, putter, 3-wood, 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid, and 5-iron all the way to the pitching wedge. The 460 cc Ti composite driver comes with a low center of gravity (CG) for the maximum distance and exceptional forgiveness. The unique mallet putter possesses alignment cutouts, allowing for precise aiming and stroke consistency. The driver and fairway wood are fitted with graphite shafts, which are lightweight, for optimum club head speeds. Meanwhile, the hybrids, irons, and wedge are fitted with steel shafts to deliver superior control and feel. Durable nylon headcovers are included for the driver and 3-wood. Top Flite XL is available in right-handed and left-handed versions.

Wilson Ultra
On the other hand, Wilson Ultra comes with a total of ten golf clubs. The set includes a driver, a 3-wood, 4-hybrid, 5-iron, pitching wedge, and putter. Also included in the set are the headcovers for the driver, fairway wood, and hybrid. It is also available in right-handed and left-handed versions. While Top Flite only makes entry-level complete sets, Wilson has produced products for different classes, including for PGA Tour-proven professional purposes. As the effect, people generally consider the Wilson product to be of a higher class than Top Flite. Wilson Ultra’s DXI driver comes with a trajectory control that lowers spin and reduces clubhead drag, effectively increasing the clubhead speed. The grips are standard, and the shafts are stainless steel.

- Designed to generate maximum distance with superior forgiveness
- With a 460cc titanium composite driver, fairway wood, two hybrids
- The Top Flite® XL Set has you covered from tee to green.
- Set Makeup: Driver, 3 Fairway Wood, 4 Hybrid, Irons 5-PW and Putter
- Grip: Standard, Shaft: Irons steel
- Recommended for Beginner golfers

Top Flite XL Vs Wilson Ultra
Between these two sets, Wilson Ultra is generally more favored among golf players due to the higher quality. Thus, we recommend you to choose Wilson Ultra. But, if you want to have a wider collection to start with, then Top Flite XL can be a good alternative.

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