Top-Flite XL Vs. Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs


Top-Flite XL

Top-Flite XL Clubs


The current Top-Flite XL combines 13 golf clubs into a player-friendly total set. Included with this set, according to the business, is a motorist, 3-wood, 3- and 4-hybrid, 5 iron with pitching wedge as well as a putter. These clubs are stainless-steel for a traditional appearance and also have big cavity backs for a lower center of mass. This makes sure these clubs will certainly be easy to pinch hit the mid- to high-handicapper. As an included benefit, these clubs come complete with a stand bag, club covers and a rain hood.


  • Top-Flite XL Clubs in collection: Driver, 3 Wood,4 & 5 Hybrid, 6-9 iron, Pitching Wedge, putter, stand bag, headcovers( 2 )
  • Complete Set crafted to furnish male golfers with whatever needed for on-course success.
  • Oversized, 460cc Ti composite chauffeur with low/back CG placement for unbelievable range and mercy.
  • Low profile 3 Wood with reduced Center of Gravity positioning generates higher trajectory shots that travel straighter.
  • Sleek 4 & 5 crossbreeds integrate range of a fairway timber with the accuracy and efficiency of an iron.
  • Wide sole stainless steel irons feature perimeter weight positioning for unmatched mercy.
  • Unique club putter with positioning intermediaries ensures appropriate goal and also stroke uniformity.
  • Driver as well as fairway wood fitted with graphite shafts for improved club head rates.
  • Hybrids, irons and also wedge fitted with steel shafts for exceptional control and really feel.
  • Durable nylon headcovers for the Driver as well as 3 Wood for defense.

Wilson Ultra GOLF CLUBS


As opposed to making total sets of clubs like Top-Flite, Wilson picks to develop PGA Tour-proven vehicle drivers, woods, crossbreeds, irons, wedges, and also putters separately. These clubs could be taken into consideration a step above the Top-Flite offerings. The DXi chauffeur as well as FG62 irons are preferred offerings among far better golfers. The firm also has a varied line of game renovation clubs including the di11 iron set.

The Wilson Ultra 13-Piece Complete Package Set features 9 total clubs with headcovers for the timbers and a lightweight stand bag making this set suitable for beginning golf enthusiasts. The driver features a lightweight head with a large wonderful spot for utmost mercy. The irons feature lightweight steel shaft in Uniflex that are excellent for higher handicappers with lower swing speeds.


  • Clubs in collection: Driver – 3 Wood – Hybrid – 6-9 iron – Pitching Wedge – heel/toe putter
  • Graphite Uniflex shafts in Driver and Fairway timber
  • Steel Uniflex shafts in Hybrid as well as irons
  • Headcovers included for Driver, Fairway Wood and also Hybrid
  • Lightweight stand bag with auto-deploy legs
  • Unique chauffeur head layout supplies security as well as boosted launch problems at effect for straighter sphere flight for higher range
  • Enhanced head design returns better trajectory than difficult-to-hit long irons, leading to longer, straighter shots.
  • Tip reinforced graphite shaft aids maintain the head as well as produce much better ball launching characteristics.
  • Extreme border weighting creates substantial pleasant place for improved precision also on off-center hits.
  • Improved sphere launch conditions are the outcome of low center of gravity, modern balanced out and one-of-a-kind iron single shape.
  • Popular heel/toe heavy Putter style enhances feeling and also enhances putter head stability

Specs for Players

Wilson claims its DXI vehicle driver offers an element that all golf players seek– included range– by using trajectory control to lower spin and also decrease clubhead drag. This boosts clubhead rate and also introduces the sphere reduced.

The firm states that better gamers typically choose reduced loft space mixes while high-handicappers choose the 10 level as well as 10.5 level versions. The FG Tour irons are Wilson’s initial cavity-back blade design as well as among its most prominent alternative amongst much better gamers. This set made a gold medal from “Golf Digest’s” Hot List, which ranks devices launches from significant suppliers.


The Top-Flite XL and Wilson Ultra are two excellent golf clubs with various elements that make them stand out against each other and their competition. They guarantee golfers are getting exactly the kind of golf clubs they need to succeed.


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