Bridgestone E6 Vs B330 RX

Choosing the right golf ball for playing golf is indeed important things that must be done. You have to be smart to choose the right golf ball. Because if you use the wrong golf ball, then you will be charged a stroke. Each golf ball is designed for a specific type of swings and react differently to a number of factors. Bridgestone automotive products known, also has been producing the product in the form of a golf ball with a very good quality so widely used a lot of novice and professional golfer. Given the large number of requests review of a golf ball to a certain type, this time we prefer Bridgestone B330 RX vs E6 as the object of review and comparison at the same time also.

Bridgestone E6 Vs B330 RX

Bridgestone E6
The Bridgestone E6 is made to correct slices and other foul shot shapes with a mid0hi fight that pierces the air, wind or not. So that it can work for the mid-hi handicappers also can be gamed by anyone who are looking to make mistakes in their game. The E6 is hot off the driver and will keep you on the fairway more times than not. This ball can giving a low spin correcting dimple system when it once hits the ground. This ball is made especially for those who need to hit dog legs need to work this ball to get that movement you need. This ball gets up in the air with little effort and then glides with what seems like a straight unaffected line to where you’re aiming. The dual dimple tech really keeps this ball on track like a train to your destination. Unfortunately, this ball is not that bad if you’re a gamer looking to have help with those subtle problems.

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Bridgestone B330 RX
The Bridgestone B330 RX comes with mantle layer and Dual Dimple Technology and is the reformulated mantle which can reduce spin on full shots and promote a higher launch, produce the result in greater accuracy and distance. This is a three-piece ball designed for driver swing speeds below 105mph and has been equipped with a 28% softer materials than the conventional tour ball. We will get a result in form of a more length and less spin long game. There is a core which helps to create more distance and at full shock less spin. When you try holding the ball, you will notice ad feel the dimple pattern is different than most as the ball uses Bridgstone’s 330 dual dimple technology for a consistent flight. It has the best of durability and spin control around.

- NEW 326 Web Dimple Pattern
- Softest Multi-Layer Ball in the Market
- 3-Piece Ionomer Cover Construction
- New soft Hydro Core optimized for swing speeds below 105mph
- 20% thinner Urethane cover reduces spin off the tee and maintains tour level control around the green
- Mantle layer offsets backspin to increase distance and accuracy

Some people maybe will choose the RX, but some others also feel the E6 is a better ball for playing game especially be a ball that going forward and is one that folks should seriously try if they are looking for a middle of the road ball that just performs, meanwhile the RX is having its own that we can not mention since we would prefer the E6.

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