Bridgestone E6 VS Bridgestone B330 RX


Bridgestone E6


General Specifications

Brand: Bridgestone
Model: E6
Origin: USA
About the Product: The Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls feature 326 smooth dimple design as well as gives the “zoom” with the brand-new WEB Dimple Technology for even more rate. The Surlyn cover as well as low compression core make this is the softest e6 yet.

Key Specs Bridgestone E6

What customers say about “Key Specs”

I’m a Senior golf player, desired reduced compression golf spheres! Seem to be fine, no grievances.

  • Best round available. Exceptional range as well as great as well as soft on the greens.
  • Forgiving. REALLY little sidespin compared to rounds of higher compression.
  • Same Distance, still straight but with a softer feel. The new Ionomer cover building and construction is the reason I believe. I liked the 2013 versions yet these hold the environment-friendly just a little better as well as feel much better off the putter.
  • The e6 soft feels terrific off the club. Straight however soft. Very rewarding no matter what club I utilize.

Size & Weight Bridgestone E6

Height: 5.5 in.
Width: 7.2 in.
Depth: 1.8 in.
Weight: 1.98 lbs.

Bridgestone E6 Features

Color: White

Cover Material: Ionomer

Dimples: 326, WEB Dimple

Core: Soft gradational core

Extras: Anti-side spin inner layer

Pack: 12

What customers say about “Features” Bridgestone E6

  • • The e6’s are a low spin sphere off the driver. They roll out as much otherwise more than the Velocity.On soft environment-friendlies you can rotate them sufficient to strike and also remain. But I can’t spin them back. Which I don’t care.
  • A terrific ball. The ball does not appear to have as much spin which causes more fairways and lower scores.
  • One point I like better concerning the Bridgestone’s is the cover appears to be a bit softer, which offers a much better feel in the cracking and placing facets of my game.
  • Less dimple deepness results in less spin and straighter shots.

Bridgestone B330 RX


General Specifications

Brand: Bridgestone
Model: Tour B330-RX
About the Product: Tour Performance crafted from 300,000+ Ball Fittings for swing speeds under 105 miles per hour looking for optimum tour range. The Tour B330RX includes a softer Amatour core designed to take full advantage of compression for longer distance.

Key Specs Bridgestone Tour B330-RX

What customers say about “Key Specs”

  • The very best soft sphere on the marketplace. In my globe of golf physics, a tougher ball discolors greater than a softer round. Go figure! So I’m striking more fairways.
  • It is a very well rounded round. The round as an elderly for distance as well as control. I can consistently hit this ball more than 220yds in the air.
  • These spheres fly a lot more continually than much more pricey equivalents. I’m certainly a follower. I have actually switched to these exclusively in spite of whatever the item description suggests based on your swing.
  • I do like these as long as Titliest. Great excellent quality ball. I select these as they are just as great as Titliest and a whole lot less costly.
  • These balls are top quality as well as enable an amateur with the occasional wonderful round to feel like I’m in control. They feel good and also flawlessly soft and also offer me what I need!

Size & Weight Tour B330-RX

Height: 6 in.
Width: 7 in.
Depth: 2 in.
Weight: 1.44 lbs.

Features Bridgestone Tour B330-RX

  • Color: White
  • Cover Material: SlipRes Urethane
  • Dimples: 330, Dual Dimple
  • Core: Soft gradational core
  • Extras: Seamless Cover Technology, Amatour Core
    Pack: 12

What customers say about “Features” Tour B330-RX

  • Long off drivers as well as irons, good behavior around the eco-friendlies!
  • The ball is likewise less complicated to manage around greens. Brief iron game has actually enhanced measurably. My handicap dropped 4 strokes.
  • Really an excellent golf ball. Longer after that the ProV, as well as it bites just as excellent.
  • I like this round, it has great distance as well as good chipping feel
  • Great distance, accuracy as well as feel off the club face. None others contrast. I’m done in with Bridgestone.

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