Bushnell Tour X Vs Pro X7


Bushnell Tour X Vs Pro X7

In this article, we will help you choose between Bushnell Tour X vs Pro X7. Both models have PinSeeker with JOLT to allow you to confirm that the laser has locked precisely onto the flag. Both can measure slopes. However, Bushnell Tour X can be legal for tournaments, whereas Bushnell Pro X7 isn’t legal at all. Why is that?

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  • – The performance and accuracy of each model
  • – The battery life of Bushnell Tour X and Bushnell Pro X7
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Bushnell Tour X has a very nice design. It has a generous size that fits perfectly in the hand. The top and bottom surfaces have contoured rubber grips that enhance the handling and add some protection against impacts. The device feels robust and solid.

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This laser range finder is truly well-made. The case feels durable. The dials, buttons, and faceplates give re-assuring clicks and clunks when used. Another nice thing about Bushnell Tour X is that it is rainproof. It can withstand temporary exposure to rain and splashes. However, it is not fully waterproof, so you should not let it get submerged.

Bushnell Pro X7 comes with a different shape. The device is wide rather than tall. This is not a real problem because it is still easy to hold. The side has a contoured rubber surface, too. But it does not feel as nice as Bushnell Tour X to hold. There is a difference between gripping the unit in your palm and holding the unit with your fingers.

For sure, the build quality is good. The controls all feel sturdy and precise. They also make nice clicks when used. Bushnell Pro X7 is waterproof with a rating of IPX7, so it can withstand exposure to rain as well as temporary submersion.

Both models have a VDT HD display. The image quality is great. The display is bright, sharp, and accurate. You can toggle between sharp black indicator and bright red indicator as needed. The black indicator is nice when the background is light, such as sand, the green, or the sky. The red indicator is much better when the background is dark, such as dense trees.

Magnification Levels

Both Bushnell Tour X vs Bushnell Pro X7 have a maximum yardage of 450 yards. Both are great. Either model can help you measure distances to the flags and to the center of the green easily.

The difference is the magnification levels.Bushnell Tour X only has a maximum magnification of 6x. Well, this is already sufficient for various cases. With the highest magnification, you can already see a distant flag clearly. However, Bushnell Pro X7 has a maximum magnification of 7x. It is not game-changing, but the extra zoom level can make aiming and locking the laser easier.

Tournament Use

The biggest difference between Bushnell Tour X vs Pro X7 is the ability to turn off the slope mode. Bushnell Tour X allows you to swap the faceplates. Changing the red faceplate with the black one disables the slope mode, so that the unit becomes legal for tournament use. Bushnell Pro X7 is not legal for tournament use.

In the slope mode, the laser range finder is able to measure a slope’s angle and the compensated range according to the ball trajectory and club type. This feature is very useful, especially for beginners. However, this feature is considered illegal by the USGA, so it can’t be used in tournaments.

If you use the red faceplate on Bushnell Tour X, the slope mode is activated. The red faceplate even has a marking that tells you that it does not conform to the legal rules. If you want to use it in a tournament, you should use the black faceplate, which turns off the slope mode. The black faceplate allows the officials to confirm that the slope mode is off.

Bushnell Pro X7 actually has an option to turn off the slope mode. However, this model is still considered illegal for tournament use because there is no way for the officials to confirm that the slope mode is indeed off. Well, they can check the device manually, but it will be very time consuming and the player can just turn the slope mode back on when nobody is watching.

Performance and Accuracy

Both Bushnell Tour X and Bushnell Pro X7 have excellent performance and accuracy. They are truly reliable and easy to use. They both have the PinSeeker with JOLT technology.

The problem with traditional laser range finders is that they sometimes give wrong distances because the laser is aimed to something behind the flag, such as a tree, instead of the actual flag. The PinSeeker with JOLT technology is awesome because it gives a short vibration when the laser has been aimed precisely to the flag. It allows you to confirm that you are not measuring the trees behind, and that your measurement is accurate.

Both models are highly accurate. According to the company, Bushnell Tour X and Bushnell Pro X7 have an accuracy rating of +/- 0.5 yards. In other words, the yardage that you get on the display may be 0.5 yards shorter or 0.5 yards longer than the actual distance. The slip won’t be any higher than that.In the tests, both models are indeed very accurate and reliable.

Battery Life

Each model here is powered by a single 3-Volt CR2 battery. Neither of them is rechargeable. You need to replace the battery when you run out of power. This is not a problem at all because the battery life is impressive.

Obviously, the actual battery life depends on how you use the device. If you golf frequently, Bushnell Tour X and Bushnell Pro X7 are able to last for about 6 months per battery. People who only golf occasionally say that the battery only needs to be replaced once a year.

Bushnell Tour X Vs Pro X7

Bushnell Tour XBushnell Pro X7
Key features– Exchange technology offers you Slope when you want it and makes it tournament legal when you need it – Dual Display Technology lets you toggle between bright red display or the crisp black display based on lighting conditions or user preference– Pin seeker with jolt technology ensures you know when you hit the flag – Ranges from 5 yards to 1 mile; 550+ yards to flags; 1/2 yard accuracy from 5 to 125 yards
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Between these two models, Bushnell Tour X makes a better choice. This model is more flexible. It has the slope mode when needed, but it can also be legal for tournament use if you swap the face plate to turn off the slope mode. It is very easy to use and reliable, thanks to the PinSeeker with JOLT technology. It also has excellent accuracy.


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