Callaway RAZR X Irons VS Taylormade RBX

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Callaway RAZR X Irons

The Callaway RAZR X is Callaway’s game-improvement club, changing the X-22 as well as X-24. For starters, the new irons include Callaway’s variable face density modern technology, making the hitting area on the face thinner the better you move away from the center. The result is a bigger pleasant spot providing you much more control as well as regular ball speed on off-center hits.

But the truly awesome function of these new irons is what Callaway has actually performed with the weighting. In our evaluation of the new Cleveland drivers, we kept in mind the essential difference of shaving vs. rearranging clubhead weight. In Callaway’s RAZR X Irons, the weight moved off the face and a few other non-critical locations has actually been redistributed right into a waffle formed weight on the back of the club. This area allows it to be different from the sole so it does not interfere with the club’s interaction with the turf.

The weight is also undetectable at address, which is an excellent function of this club.

According to Callaway, the brand-new modern technology will certainly lead the market right into the future generation of iron design by providing the range and also forgiveness of a wide-sole iron while maintaining the playability as well as turf communication benefits of a thin-sole iron.

Modern technology

RAZR X Irons feature a lower, much deeper center of mass as well as a consistently warm face. In head-to-head tests, Callaway says the RAZR X Irons are 56% even more exact than contending irons that chase distance at the expense of precision.

RAZR Technology shifts the center of gravity 12% lower as well as 15% deeper by redistributing 30 grams of weight in the back cavity; supplying the power and also forgiveness of a wide-sole iron with the precision as well as playability of a thin-sole iron.

VFT Power System – An improved VFT Face and also High-Definition Undercut cavity are tailored per specific iron. The outcome is much more constant ball speeds throughout the face for even more distance and precision, even on miss-hits.

Style and Design

For an extra-large iron, the Callaway RAZR X is really well sized and also has a self-confidence inspiring top line that does not have the thickness of some game improvement irons. The balanced out is also much less obvious as well as a little slicker, making these irons a great aesthetic suit for the mid-handicapper.

Callaway RAZR X Forged Irons

What sets the RAZR X Forged Irons apart is the special Triple Net Forging procedure. This three-step forging returns premium feel and allows high-performance Tour CC grooves to be precision forged into each club face. The Forged Irons also include the waffle pattern on the back of the clubhead, however it’s only visual, as the weighting system in the RAZR X (and additionally in the Tour version) is not part of the RAZR X Forged iron.

Modern technology

Scenic tour CC Grooves provide golf players with boosted spin for hostile shot-making as well as an exclusive style producing 40% even more grooves on the club face. Forged 1020 Carbon Steel creates soft feeling as well as receptive feedback at impact. Three-way Net Forging makes sure tight tolerances that can’t be attained with traditional approaches, as well as allows Callaway designers to incorporate higher-performing grooves that still comply with Tour regulations.

Design and style

The RAZR X Forged Irons have a slim sole and also a slick, thin topline that provides this club a timeless consider address. Furthermore, it has a greater, squared-off toe as well as a sharp cutting edge.

Callaway RAZR X Tour Irons

The brand-new RAZR X Tour Irons are made for low-to-mid handicap players searching for a next-generation mix of playability as well as workability. The RAZR Technology aims to give equilibrium in between range, accuracy and feel, with Tour-inspired styling. It’s longer as well as much more exact than its predecessor, as well as according to Callaway, causing the equivalent of hitting it four feet more detailed to the hole. Not too shabby.

Victor of a Golf Digest 2011 Hot List Gold Medal in the Players Iron Category.


The RAZR X Tour Irons likewise feature a 23% reduced CG and also 18% deeper face as well as the VFT Face and also High Def Undercut cavity customized to each iron.

Style and Design

These irons have a smaller account with much less offset and a thinner topline for a sleeker look at address, offering the workability and also control without compromising confidence at address.


One of the greatest differences in the brand-new RAZR X line of clubs is available in the video game enhancement location. We noted above that the RAZR X Irons do not have that super-clunky, thick look at address that we relate to these sorts of clubs. That fat look is good for players that have a hard time to make consistent get in touch with, yet it comes to be disruptive once you’ve finished to a much more regulated style of golf. These clubs provide the exact same distance as well as forgiveness without the frustrating size distinction at address. That makes RAZR X an excellent long-lasting investment for a newbie, in addition to a nice suitable for numerous mid-handicappers that desire the look and feel of workability as well as control.

Review TaylorMade RBZ Irons

The RBZ collection of clubs made an impact on the trips throughout the very first fifty percent of 2012 and it wasn’t long prior to the stylish RBZ irons were added to the series.

The irons feature a dark cleaned coating and advanced insert with a loaded tooth cavity on the 4 and 5 irons.

Steve Webb recently took the chance to provide the RBZ irons a complete examination at the Golf Tech Systems interior test centre using the Trugolf simulator. These irons are now also in Steve’s bag.
Pros: Nice colour surface, very forgiving, country mile, Price.

Cons: Hybrid 4 & 5 iron not to every person’s preference, Limited workability, Grips quite slim.

Preliminary View

My first impression of the clubs on the shelf was the 4 and 5 iron with filled dental caries looked extra like hybrid irons which is except everyone and also not actually to my preference. The remainder of the irons had typical dental caries as well as looked excellent as well as the dark cleaned surface is something that specifically attract me.

Initial Swings

From the top view I was rather shocked. The 4 and also 5 irons didn’t look as just like hybrids as I thought they would. Although extremely countered and a thick top line all the irons looked good at configuration. The short irons seem forgiving and also consistent whilst the long irons are very easy to strike and appear to offer good range.

Trugolf Simulator Test

First shots were in fact excellent. The clubs are extremely simple to hit and also get the ball airbourne swiftly. The biggest shock was the range. These clubs were hitting a club further than my present irons and truly zooming off the club face.

Originally I really felt these clubs were purely video game enhancement for mid– high handicappers yet I can actually see a situation for lower handicap golf enthusiasts attempting these irons. I established the Trugolf Simulator with a 145 backyard, 30 foot target on the driving range striking 10 shots with the 8 Iron to determine outcomes.

Release, Disperson & Club Head Stats

Making use of the Trugolf simulator I had the ability to properly contrast the shots I struck, image below, and whilst there was some different launch angles the strong black line creating through the center does reveal a sensible level of consistency. Very couple of strayed off line which was terrific to see as well as the 2 shots not strike so will certainly were quite forgiving and also completion result was still good.

The diffusion on the Trugolf was set at 30 foot as well as analysing the general distance it had not been that differed with just a couple of yards in between fastest as well as outermost. Sidespin numbers were rather reduced which resulted in only a couple off centre line drive. Once again the statistics reveal that the 2 bad shots that really did not appear the center had a high level of forgiveness as well as didn’t end up that bad.

Club head statistics cam out well with some great back spin numbers as well as my club head/ball speed ratio went over. I directly normally hit my existing 8 iron just timid of 140 lawns so I could see a renovation in total distance.

Final Verdict:

It is a typical mistake to look straight past these sort of irons as well as go with extra costly designs or created irons. My suggestions is to try them and also contrast versus your own. You may be surprised with the outcomes. If you’re not playing on a routine basis then the RBZ’s will certainly offer you well. The mercy I got when I really did not rather catch one is precisely what most amateur golfers are looking for. The feel of the strike felt good off the clubface yet in regards to feel they did appear to do not have something. I presume this is the concession when utilizing these sorts of irons, however the outcomes will certainly put a smile back on your face. Whilst I still do not like the amount of countered as well as the hybrid want to the 4 and also 5 irons I couldn’t fault the consistency and also range of these clubs. Very easy to strike as well as a nice colour finish do make them a stick out product against their competitors.


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