Laser Link XL1000 Review

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Laser Link XL1000 Review – Competitive Price Superb Functionality

Laser Link XL 1000 Rangefinder Review

The Laser Link XL1000 is the very first of its kind for Laser Link sporting the typical laser rangefinder body that has an IPX4 waterproof layout. It has AccuFLAG Mode, Scan Mode, as well as 6X magnification for a real and also clear sight of the green.

It can range out to 1000 yards and also 300 backyards to the flag while it can additionally gauge in meters at journalism of a switch.

Although the XL 1000 rangefinder is the very first of its kind for the Laser Link household, they did well trying their hand at the standard design rangefinder with zoom and also AccuFLAG technology.

Reviewers online have rated it well with a lot of customers pleased with the brand-new layout. Its 1000 optimum lawn range absolutely puts it in a stadium of its very own in the golf rangefinder category.


  • Price.
  • IPX4 waterproof layout.
  • AccuFlag.
  • Scan mode.
  • 1,000 backyard variety.


  • Reports of slow-moving varying.

Laser Link XL 1000 Q&A:

What is AccuFLAG modern technology and does the XL 1000 have it?

The XL 1000 breaks custom for Laser Link in a lot of different ways. One of the many is the built-in innovative first concern setting that’s called AccuFLAG.

This version, like a lot of other conventional golf rangefinders, is able to zero in on pins and also give accurate readings given that it will certainly look for representations off the closest target.

This ought to provide you self-confidence that you’re getting the range to the hole and also not the brush or any other distractions behind it. This is normally a crucial attribute you would certainly wish to try to find in a great golf rangefinder.

Why is style of this gadget so different to the other Laser Link rangefinders?

The most noticeable difference in appearance of the XL 1000 is the upright style. It’s the first Laser Link rangefinder to sporting activity this monocular, upright, much more conventional rangefinder building and construction.

Like other modern day rangefinders, it’s intended to be used in a “hold to your eye” placement, and it can conveniently be held with one hand. The one hand layout enables you to keep hold of your club in one while you pull out, use, and stow away the rangefinder in the other.

Does the XL 1000 have various other target modes?

This rangefinder does come geared up with a check setting to be able to pan the program to receive multiple range readings. This is available in helpful when you’re trying to obtain a suggestion of what clubs you require to utilize along with what dangers to prevent.

Does the laser rangefinder have any type of zoom?

Unlike the pistol-shaped rangefinders of the Laser Link family members, the XL 1000 rangefinder does have zoom of 6X which makes it a fantastic rival in the traditional, vertically-held rangefinder market.

This is a great optic feature that Laser Link has chosen to include as it can be considered a standard and common feature for all golf rangefinders these days.

Noteworthy Features:.

  • AccuFLAG Technology for closest ranges +/ -1 lawn.
  • Scan Mode readily available.
  • Impressive 1000 backyard range to grab non-reflective targets for usage on courses without reflectors and also prisms.
  • Compact, tiny, as well as ergonomic design.

Our Verdict on the XL 1000.

To sound up the strokes, the XL 1000 is Laser Link’s only device with the conventional rangefinder design. Real Laser Link fans discover it uncomfortable to make use of versus the weapon style layouts. They likewise say it’s a little slow-moving ranging out past 200 backyards. But, if you want the conventional design, this isn’t a poor alternative.

Nevertheless, the Laser Link Quickshot 2.0 is quicker to obtain readings from since it’s just suitable with training courses with reflective prisms. With this feature in mind, you’ll save some extra cash in your pocket and also fly through your round in no time.

However, back to the rangefinder layout, the TecTecTec VPRO500 expenses also less than both these Laser Link systems. It’s exceptionally reputable and also has actually confirmed to be the go-to rangefinder for several golfing pros.

Laser Link has a remarkable online reputation with its gun style rangefinders, and the XL 1000 is simply one variant to tee with on the training course!


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