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Laser Link XL1000 Review: Competitive Price, Superb Functionality

Are you looking for a laser rangefinder that is friendly to your wallet? Are the budget choices available on the market unable to satisfy you? Well, you may have missed one great offer here! You have to take a look at Laser Link XL1000. It is a laser rangefinder rich of features, yet being sold at a relatively more affordable price compared to other models of similar specs. It is an excellent value for the money.

Laser Link XL1000 Review - Competitive Price, Superb Functionality

Laser Link XL1000 comes with a green body that is covered by a textured rubber layer, ensuring that your hand can have a solid and firm grip on it. It is designed pretty much similar to other laser rangefinders; not necessarily bulky, allowing for a convenient one-handed operation. It is also quite lightweight. Laser Link XL1000 has received the IPX4 certification, which means that it has some degree of water resistance. It can certainly endure some splashes. Hence, you can use it with no problem even though the weather is going bad. It has two buttons on top of it, one for power and another for switching between modes. It features an internal LCD as its display screen.

Talking about modes, in addition to the normal mode, Laser Link XL1000 also supports Scan Mode, in which you can use the device to scan the landscape to get a real-time measurement of distances to various objects in front of you. Laser Link XL1000 boasts the AccuFLAG Technology, which enhances its accuracy to a superior level. While other laser rangefinders tend to miscalculate the distance to the flag due to the trees behind, Laser Link XL1000 has no issue locking to the flag, no matter what clutter is behind the green.

The measurement range of Laser Link XL1000 is comparable to the high-end models. It has a maximum measurement range of 1,000 yards and up to six times of magnification, giving you the edge you need for long distance shots. The maximum locking distance to the flag is 300 yards, which is not the farthest that you can get, but certainly reliable nonetheless.

Specifications of Laser Link XL1000
Weight (with battery): 7.58 oz.
Dimensions: 4.125″x 2.875″ x 1.5″.
Power Source: CR2 3V Lithium.
Measures in yards or meters.
Range: 5-1000 yards 5-300 yards to flag.
Accuracy: +/- 1 yard.
6x magnification.
Display: Internal LCD.
IPX4 water resistant design.

Pros of Laser Link XL1000
– Relatively more affordable than other competitors
– Excellent measurement range
– Decent accuracy and performance
– Rugged water-resistant construction

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