Nikon ProStaff 3i Vs Nikon ProStaff 7i



Along this time, Nikon has been well-known with the best quality in optical products for all types of outdoor activities. The company also become the leader in the development of lens device. This time, Nikon offers two variants of golf rangefinder – Nikon ProStaff 3i, Nikon ProStaff 7i. Let us discuss the differences between these two ProStaff 3i and ProStaff 7i.

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Nikon ProStaff 3i

Here we start from the first product namely Nikon ProStaff 3i. This black-orange device provides the user with precision, speed, and consistency. There is a feature of technology called ID which stands for Incline/Decline. With the large 18-mm ocular lens, the technology will give the faster view in seconds counting by providing the horizontal distance between your position and target location up to ± 89o-angle. It is also completed with a feature called Tru-Target Ranging System which guides the user to select between two targeting objects.

The first target priority helps you to get the closest distance and choose the small among the bigger objects. Following this, the distance target priority will display the reading for the furthest target from the object groups. This device can measure the target until the range of 650 yards through 18mm-objective lens with 6-times magnification and ± 0.5-yard accuracy.

Its compact size enable the user to bring the device by putting in the pocket or a bag. Like the other similar device, it is safe to use Nikon ProStaff 3i in the weather containing water.

Nikon ProStaff 7i

In the second product, we have the review of Nikon ProStaff 7i. Coming with the same colour and dimension, we may say that this product is the development of the previous one. The manufacturers said that this latest product expanded the line of accuracy laser rangefinder.

Looking more detail, Nikon ProStaff 7i can provide the result of measurement up to 1,300 yards. The other components for this range aspects are same with 18mm-objective lens, 6-times magnification, and ± 0.5-yard accuracy. This Nikon also supported by ID Technology and Tru-Target Ranging System to measure and provide the angle in the horizontal distance format with more focusing objects.

The size is comfortable with dimension of height 4.4 inch, width 1.5 inch, and depth 2.8 inch. As the user, you can carry this tool easily all day long in any outdoor conditions and landscapes.


  • 6x magnification
  • Large 18mm ocular
  • Provides precision, speed, consistency up to 650yds

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  • Nikon Prostaff 7i Rangefinder
  • 6X21
  • Black Finish 16209

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Nikon ProStaff 3i Vs Nikon ProStaff 7i

Before choosing the product, you need to consider about the using. One of them is priced above and another is below US$ 250. The ability of range measurement become the main differences among these two devices


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