Bridgestone E6 VS Titleist NXT Tour


Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls


Experience a mix of range and feel with Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls. The reformulated E6 is developed for golfers with modest swing speeds seeking optimum distance on all shots. The heritage of E6 in a building that is now easier to compress. The new 2-piece construction with low compression core is designed for high ball rate while maintaining soft feeling.


  • High performance golf round engineered to produce extremely soft feeling and also LONG DISTANCE
  • Designed for golf enthusiasts with modest swing rates looking for maximum distance on all shots
  • Softer gradational compression core building and construction permits longer range and better feeling
  • 2-piece building permits blend of range and also control
  • 12 Pack
  • Brand: Bridgestone

Titleist NXT Tour


Titleist NXT Tour S Golf Balls have been designed to supply NXT Tour efficiency with softer compression feeling. You will not lose any kind of distance with the NXT Tour S contrasted to the normal NXT balls – they are just much softer around the eco-friendlies. Titleist NXT Tour S golf spheres include reformulated softer compression core technology for superior range with exceptional toughness.


  • Premium performance with a softer feel
  • Oustanding brief game performance
  • Impressive toughness
  • Piecing and also stable ballflight for all gamers
  • Alignment sidestamp for enhanced putting precision
  • Softer Fusablend cover
  • Available in 12-Ball packs

Bridgestone E6 and Titleist NXT Tour Comparison

  • Brifgestone E6 is a little softer than the NXT Tour
  • Distance is about the same in case of both.
  • Both are durable.
  • Compared to the NXT tour s, the Brifgestone E6 spins a little less and feels a bit harder.
  • NXT Tour S price is high.
  • Both has great trajectory and great feel
  • The Brifgestone E6 is a good ball with reasonably low spin off the driver and pretty good spin with the irons (good around the greens).
  • NXT tour which is like the Brifgestone E6 but better around the green for me.
  • NXT Tour is better all round ball – good for all aspects of the game.


The Brifgestone E6 and Titleist NXT Tour are two excellent bargain golf ball offering with various elements that make them stand out against each other and their competition. They help to guarantee golfers are getting exactly the kind of golf ball they need to succeed.


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