Bridgestone E6 Vs Titleist NXT Tour

Golf is a game that is played outdoors in individual or team that raced incorporated the balls into the holes that are in the field with the least possible amount of punch. The golf ball was hit by using a set of so-called bat-eared (golfers). The role of a golf ball is important, the more good points, then the game will be more generous. The selection of a golf ball that has the best quality is the dream of every golfer, we help in the form of a review of a product known as 2 golf balls best i.e. Bridgestone E6 vs. Titleist NXT Tour.

bridgestone e6 vs titleist nxt tour

Bridgestone E6
Bridgestone E6 vs Srixon Q Star was made by us for the other competitor, the review will be different so just read. Bridgestone E6 is featured with technology based on a ball. It is a new dimple design with WEB Dimple technology to produce greater speed, reduce drag and increase lift for more carry. It can increase surface coverage by more than 10%, benefiting distance and flight performance. This balls also have a soft gradational core plus an anti-side spin inner layer combined with a softer Surlyn cover for an improved feel. You can choose between color of white, optic yellow, orange, and pink. The E6’s claim to fame is a mantle. The mantle’s layer between the cover and core, it aims to reduce sidespin and produce straighter shots throughout the bag. If you choose to use E6, it seems to melt against the clubface on drives and longer shots and also comes with the buttery soft feel evident all the way to green. It is a big one in the market for golfers who struggle with accuracy.

Titleist NXT Tour
The Titleist NXT Tour golf ball is a mid-level golf ball. The NXT Tour is designed for the high-handicap amateur player. Some amateur golfers usually have a clubhead speed of 81 mph at impact which is relatively slow when we do compared to professional golfers out there with average speed about 106-109 mph. Therefore, this golf ball is also designed for golfers with a swing speeds somewhere around or above 90 mph. The making of this ball aims to reduce driver and mid iron golf ball spin, which usually cost amateurs distance and accuracy. However, golfers who shape the ball can still take some benefits of ball spin offered by the NXT Tour by shaping shots on short irons. Also, with the NXT Tour, Titleist has successfully created a golf ball that should be long and straight off of the tee, but still reactive around the green. As is the certain cases with any golf ball, the NXT Tour has multiple features and characteristics.

- surlyn
- NEW 326 Web Dimple Pattern
- Softest Multi-Layer Ball in the Market
- 3-Piece Ionomer Cover Construction
- Softer feel on every shot
- Outstanding long game distance
- Piercing and stable ball flight
- Low long game spin

Bridgestone E6 is nice and long and straight but always shoots through the back of the green, you can find yourself frequently choosing a shorter club to allow the ball to roll up into the green. While NXT Tour is the feeling off the putter and touch around the greens. Which one is your taste?

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