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Golf Buddy Voice Vs Garmin S1

For a dedicated golf player, having a rangefinder is a must. With a rangefinder, it will be much easier for you to estimate how hard that you should hit your ball. There are now many rangefinder models in the market, from the GPS-based models to the laser models. If you want something compact and practical, a device like Golf Buddy Voice or Garmin S1 can be suitable for you. Both are popular, budget-friendly devices that have been trusted by many other fellow golfers. So, should you get Golf Buddy Voice or Garmin S1? Find out below which one is the most suitable for you!

Golf Buddy Voice Vs Garmin S1

These two devices are two very different things. Golf Buddy Voice comes in a thin rectangular body that has a clip on the back. With the clip, you can easily put it on the glove on the back of your hand, on your pocket, or even on your cap. Of course, since it has built-in voice notifications, you won’t have to access the device too often. Such design is very neat and flexible. On the front side, you can find a monochrome display along with a function button.

Meanwhile, Garmin S1 has been designed like a watch, as it has an integrated wristband. By wearing it like a watch, there shouldn’t be much issue with placement. Just strap it on your wrist and you are good to go. All the functions and controls are very easy to access.

Golf Buddy Voice comes with over 35,000 pre-loaded courses from all over the world. It can display time, current hole number, yardage, and green view. Just by pushing the button, the device will speak the distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. There are 8 language options. It can also measure shot distance and recognize the course and hole automatically. The battery is rechargeable via a USB port, able to last for up to 8 hours per charge.

Garmin S1 does not have any voice feature. But it has a built-in odometer to measure your walking distance and an alarm. You can also utilize these features outside the course, using it in the watch mode. The battery is also rechargeable via USB, can last up to 3 weeks in the watch mode, 8 hours in the GPS mode. Garmin S1 has over 18,000 pre-loaded US courses.

Golf Buddy Voice Vs Garmin S1
If you can benefit from the odometer and alarm, you can choose Garmin S1. But, if you think the voice feature is more valuable, then Golf Buddy Voice should be the way to go.

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