JPX 825 Vs Ping G20

Are you looking for a nice set of game improvement irons? There are two popular sets of irons on the market, standing in the same price range right now. They are JPX 825 and Ping G20. A lot of people love these irons. JPX 825 is mainly praised for the great shot shaping capability. JPX 825 will allow you to shape your shots with great precision. On the other hand, Ping G20 is widely loved because of it is incredibly forgiving. Before you make your choice, let’s get to know better about both JPX 825 and Ping G20.

JPX 825 vs Ping G20

JPX 825 comes with all sophisticated features and advanced technologies. It has been designed with Mizuno’s scientific Harmonic Impact Technology, which ensures an incredibly solid sound and feel upon impact. It also features a multi-material electroformed badge, which further enhances the solid, precise feel and also delivers an aggressive styling. The Triple Cut sole design is excellent, ideal for turf interaction. Finally, the Optimized MAX MOI pocket cavity is combined with the extreme toe/heel weighting to create a large sweet area. As a matter of fact, JPX 825 has the largest sweet area among many of Mizuno’s irons.

On the other hand, Ping G20 irons ensure that you are going to hit the ball long yet controlled. Ping G20 is perimeter weighted, featuring a deep cavity design. It also features an elastomer cavity badge that offers great solid feel and sound upon impact, as well as enhanced distance control. The sweet spot is large and wide, making Ping G20 irons highly forgiving.

Both JPX 825 and Ping G20 are great golf clubs, but they have different advantages that make them suitable for different types of golf players. JPX 825 has a smaller sole than Ping G20, and the smaller sole of JPX 825 allows for a better shot shaping capability. If you are usually trying to shape your shots, then JPX 825 is great for you. It also has excellent turf interaction, significantly better than Ping G20. It does not launch as high.

On the other hand, Ping G20 is indeed able to launch higher, but the real strength of it is the incredible forgiveness. It is a lot more forgiving than JPX 825 on mishits. If you often find yourself struggling to hit down on the ball, the wider sole of Ping G20 is very beneficial for you.

- Mizuno JPX-825
- Optimized MAX MOI Pocket cavity and extreme toe/heel weighting deliver Mizuno’s largest Sweet Area ever
- Steel
- Ping G20 Right-Handed Iron Set Steel Regular

JPX 825 Vs Ping G20
Ping G20 is an excellent choice for beginners and handicap players, as the wider sole makes it incredibly forgiving. However, if you want to shape your shots more, then you should choose JPX 825.

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