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Leupold GX-1 Vs GX-3

Even though Leupold has been around for more than a hundred years, the brand may be heard somehow new to many golf players. However, their GX digital rangefinder models quickly attract quite a lot of attention on the market. The series is praised for the exceptional performance at competitive prices. On the following article, however, we are going to compare two models from the series, which are Leupold GX-1 and Leupold GX-3. These two models often cause potential buyers to get confused, as they are both equally attractive. Nonetheless, Leupold GX-3 serves as the higher variant and requires you to spend a bit more money than Leupold GX-1. Which model will give you the most value?

Leupold GX-1 Vs GX-3

Leupold GX-1 uses high-quality optics with precision glass and coating technology to provide a high-accuracy display. It can do well under ideal conditions, under a bright day, offering a pleasant view. Unfortunately, under bad conditions, the display does not perform as well. If the background gets too dark, the information will not be very visible on the screen. Meanwhile, Leupold GX-3 has implemented various improvements and upgrades, including on the display sector. Leupold GX-3 uses an all-new OLED display that provides exceptional contrast, brightness, and clarity of the view. Distances and other information can be shown very well no matter what the background color is. This is a very handy and practical feature that can save you from some eye strain.

Unfortunately, Leupold GX-3 somehow has an inferior performance compared to Leupold GX-1. It takes slightly more time to lock onto flags. Well, the difference may not be so much of a disturbance, but, still, the faster the better, right? Leupold GX-1 is praised for its intuitive and rapid locking system, comparable to various top models on the market even on great distances. Leupold GX-3 is only slightly slower, perhaps because of the OLED display, yet with similar maximum distances and usability. Each of the models comes with a six-time magnification feature.

Leupold GX-1 and Leupold GX-3 are designed with the same aims: compactness and ruggedness. Both are weatherproof. Both are also extremely compact and lightweight. Both models have rubber grips for a sturdy and firm grip. Nevertheless, Leupold GX-3 can withstand heavier duties as it features a solid aluminum frame behind the rubber cover.

- PinHunter and Prism Lock functions help determine distance of flag and hazards
- Scan mode estimates multiple distances in 1 sweep; Fog mode for inclement weather
- Measures 4 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 6.8 ounces
- Leupold 114899 GX-3i Golf Rangefinder
- Red OLED readout DNA Technology - fastest
- The whole unit is only 6.8 ounces

Leupold GX-1 Vs GX-3
All in all, you would love Leupold GX-3 more than Leupold GX-1 only for the better display and the more rugged body. Leupold GX-3’s OLED screen is indeed neat. However, you can choose Leupold GX-1 for the fullest value for your money, because it actually has a better performance!

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