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Leupold GX-4i Vs Bushnell Pro-7

Leupold and Bushnell continually compete against each other in making the most powerful golf laser rangefinder device. They have their own warriors in each price step. For a budget of five hundred bucks, you can give yourself some choices like Leupold GX-4i and Bushnell Pro X7. These laser rangefinder models have advanced powerful features, and one of them is not allowed to some tournaments or championships. Even so, these products are very powerful and useful for training so that you can train yourself to higher levels with either of these devices. Once you get used to the advanced capabilities, you will be able to calculate things yourself without requiring to use the device’s special powers. Thus, which one is better? Let us compare them!

Leupold GX-4i Vs Bushnell Pro-7

When putting the two models side by side, we can immediately tell that Leupold GX-4i has a better edge in this aspect. Compared to Bushnell Pro X7, Leupold GX-4i is a lot more compact and also quite lighter. You can grip and use Leupold GX-4i with one hand, and the rubber grip will make sure that your hand will not slip off. Leupold GX-4i is also very rugged with metal aluminum body material. On the other hand, Bushnell Pro X7 is also as rugged, featuring a waterproof body and firm rubber grip. However, it is a little bit bulky to the sides.

Measurement Range
This time, the edge belong to Bushnell Pro X7. It has a significantly longer measurement range than Leupold GX-4i. It can detect distances between 5 to 1760 yards. As you can see, it can measure much longer than most other products currently available on the market. This is certainly a very powerful feature that can help you determine further distances easily. As a comparison, Leupold GX-4i only has a measurement range of 5 to 800 yards – barely half of Bushnell Pro X7’s maximum distance.

Performance and Features
Leupold GX-4i claims to have an accuracy to within 6 inches! This seems astonishing yet nearly hard to believe. On the other hand, Bushnell Pro X7 has a respectable accuracy of up to ½ yard. Just to be safe, we can assume here that both models have similar level of superb accuracy. Nevertheless, Bushnell Pro X7 can lock onto flags from further distances, up to 550 yards (Leupold GX-4i is capped at around 300 yards). Bushnell Pro X7 is also armed with JOLT technology that is very handy to notify you when it has locked to the flag. Additionally, while Leupold GX-4i can zoom up to 6 times, Bushnell Pro X7 is exceptional with a maximum zooming of up to 7 times.

Also, worth a note, Leupold GX-4i is not allowed for tournaments by the USGA. Bushnell Pro X7 is available in two variants: Standard Edition that is allowed for tournaments, and Slope Edition that is not allowed because of the slope calculation feature.

- Range: 5-800 yards
- Rugged alumnium body
- A vivid OLED dislpay
- Line-of-site measurement
- 2nd generation E.S.P. and Vivid Display Technology
- Fully waterproof; limited 2 year warranty; carry/storage case included
- Pin Seeker with JOLT technology
- Ranges from 5 yards to 1 mile

Leupold GX-4i Vs Bushnell Pro-7
In general, Bushnell Pro X7 makes a better choice than Leupold GX-4i. Despite the bulky body, it packs more powerful performance. You can also choose the Standard Edition if you want to use it for tournaments!

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